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Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic <ESSR>
Estnische Sozialistische Sowjetrepublik {f} <ESSR>
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  • The task of the center was to service the museums under Ministry of Culture of that time (ESSR Committee of Culture), and to assist other memory institutions.
  • Tallinn was selected as the host of the sailing events which led to controversy since many governments had not "de jure" recognized ESSR as part of the USSR.
  • From 1940 to 1947, he was a deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the ESSR. From second half of 1940s, he was a professional writer, and lived in Tallinn.
  • The system of Ministries of Industry in the USSR, including ESSR, is replaced by the Councils of National Economy (Sovnarkhoz).
  • He was one of the founders of the ESSR State Youth Theatre and 1965-1970 its first head stage director.
  • Since 1954 he was a member of the ESSR Academy of Sciences.
  • After working as a poetry consultant at the Writers' Union of the ESSR from 1956 to 1961, she was forced to resign for ideological reasons.
  • For almost half a century, Pagari 1 housed the headquarters of the ESSR's People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs, or the NKVD, later known as the KGB.
  • In 1965, she graduated from the ESSR Theatre Union’s Drama Studio in Tallinn (now, the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre).
  • He also worked as a docent at the State Art Institute of the ESSR from 1961 to 1992, and since 1977 as a professor.
  • In 1957, the ESSR Radio Administration was reorganized into the ESSR State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting ("Eesti NSV Ministrite Nõukogu Riiklik Televisiooni ja Raadio Komitee", or simply ESSR State Radio and Television).
  • Escola do Santíssimo Rosário (ESSR; "Saint Rosary’s School," [...]) was a Catholic school in Santo António (St.
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