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SYNO east by north | EbN
east by north <EbN, E by N>Ost zu Nord <OzN>
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Übersetzung für 'EbN' von Englisch nach Deutsch

east by north <EbN, E by N>
Ost zu Nord <OzN>
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  • Ben meaning "son of" is also found in Arabic as "Ben" (dialectal Arabic) or "bin" (بن), "Ibn"/"ebn" (ابن).
  • The Jameh mosque of Golpayegan was built by order of Abou Nasr Ebrahim ebn-e Mohammad ebn-e Ebrahim Baba Abd ol-Malek.
  • According to the story's text, Farāmarz ebn Khodādād ebn Kāteb Arrajānī is the compiler and the story's second narrator.
  • The building was tiled by the "Sheikh Mohammad ebn-e Omar", whose name was mentioned on the inscriptions of the school.
  • "Precious Arts" (نفائس الفنون) is an encyclopedia of science by Shamsedin Mohammed ebn-e Mahmoud Amoli, also known as al-Amoli, written in 1339 in the Persian Language.
  • He also participated in political works and became the minister of Masoud-ebn-Mohamad Malek Shah.
  • The Ali ebn-e Sahl mausoleum is a historical mausoleum in Isfahan, Iran.
  • A quotation for this matter is an inscription in the old mihrab, in which it is mentioned that it is built in 623 Hijri (1226 AD) by "Hassan ebn-e Arabschah" in Kashan.
  • The only remained part of the mosque is its mihrab, which has been decorated with stuccoes, but the minaret is relatively in a good condition and according to its inscription, it was built in 1121 by Abolghassem ebn-e Ahmad.
  • Mohammad ebn-e Bakran's grave is located behind the courtyard.
  • Because of its proximity to the Ali ebn-e Sahl mausoleum it is also known as Ali-ebn-e-Sahl minaret.
  • Then it will continue north along Hajar-ebn Ady Street and Estakhr Street.
  • Hosein ebn-e Mohammad Lorzade ([...]; [...] 1906 - 14 September 2004) was an Iranian traditional architect/mimar.
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