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Einstein ring
Einsteinring {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Einstein ring' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Einstein ring
Einsteinring {m}acad.astron.phys.
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  • In a report presented at the 211th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, researchers Raphael Gavazzi and Tommaso Treu of the University of California, Santa Barbara described the discovery of a double Einstein ring produced by the gravitational lensing of light from two distant galaxies.
  • In early May 2028, Alpha Centauri A will pass between the Earth and a distant red star, when there is a 45% probability that an Einstein ring will be observed.
  • (now referred to as the Einstein ring), although he did not explicitly discuss the use of the ring as lens.
  • The nearby galaxy ESO 325-G004 acts as a strong gravitational lens, distorting light from a distant galaxy behind it to create an Einstein ring around its centre.
  • He co-discovered radio emission from Jupiter, and was part of the team that discovered the first Einstein ring in 1988.
  • In 1998, MERLIN in conjunction with the Hubble Space Telescope discovered the first Einstein ring.
  • Another example is the radio/X-Ray Einstein ring around PKS 1830-211, which is unusually strong in radio.
  • Jacqueline Nina Hewitt (born September 4, 1958) is an American astrophysicist. She was the first person to discover an Einstein ring. She is a Fellow of the American Astronomical Society.
  • If the light source, the gravitating mass and the observer stand in a line, one sees what is termed an Einstein ring.
  • Data from NICMOS and a special algorithm resolved the lensing galaxy and a partial Einstein ring. The Einstein ring represents the host galaxy of the lensed quasar.
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