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NOUN1   eschatology | -
NOUN2   an eschatology | eschatologies
Eschatologie {f}
consistent eschatology
konsequente Eschatologie {f}
presentist eschatology
präsentische Eschatologie {f}
realized eschatology
präsentische Eschatologie {f}
Midrash on Eschatology [Dead Sea scrolls] <4Q174, formerly 4QFlor>
Midrasch {m} zur Eschatologie <4Q174, früher 4QFlor>
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  • Omega Point is an idea in philosophy (eschatology) advanced by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.
  • associated with eschatology. and there is no eschatology prior to the Babylonian exile.
  • Cumming also took a deep interest in Christian eschatology, adhering to the Historicist school of Christian eschatology.
  • Ibn al-Nafis dealt with Islamic eschatology in some depth in his "Theologus Autodidactus", where he rationalized the Islamic view of eschatology using reason and science to explain the events that would occur according to Islamic tradition.
  • The tophet and its location later became associated with divine punishment in Jewish eschatology.
  • Christian reconstructionism is closely linked with postmillenial eschatology and the presuppositional apologetics of Cornelius Van Til.
  • Crossan portrays Jesus as rejecting John's apocalyptic eschatology in favor of a sapiential eschatology, in which cultural transformation results from humans' own actions, rather than from God's intervention.
  • As a futuristic eschatology, it is in contrast to "realized eschatology", which sees the kingdom of God as not in the future but already completed in the ministry of Jesus Christ, (realized eschatology explaining the lack of apocalyptic upheaval and conquering Kingdom of God that Jesus's followers had been expecting).
  • is an apocalyptic great battle to occur in the end times according to Islamic eschatology.
  • He has also written textbooks in the areas of eschatology and ethics.
  • Lee was a firm advocate of the historicist method of interpretation in Christian eschatology.
  • The Last Roman Emperor was a legendary figure in medieval Christian eschatology.
  • Eternal life traditionally refers to continued life after death, as outlined in Christian eschatology.
  • According to Zoroastrian eschatology, the wicked will get purified in molten metal.
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