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Eye-ties [coll.] [usually derog.] [short for Italians, pronounced "Eye-talians"]Italiener {pl}
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  • While the winner via the Skating System may not be immediately obvious to the untrained-eye and requires a set of calculations, avoidance of the latter case of outliers in judging (and the ability to break ties) shows the systems strength.
  • In the series, he arrives at Court in 1536 and wears an eye patch, much later than the actual Sir Francis, and so his family ties to the Boleyns are not mentioned, nor are his successes afterwards.
  • Alternately, especially in the case of bow ties, the tie may have a band around the neck fastened with a hook and eye.
  • The company's focus was on fostering ties with pan-Asian filmmakers, producing such films as "Jan Dara" by Thailand's Nonzee Nimibutr, "One Fine Spring Day" South Korea's Hur Jin-ho, "Samsara" by China's Huang Jianxin, "The Eye" by Danny and Oxide Pang and cinematographer Christopher Doyle.
  • In particular, the Anker site near Chicago, Illinois, yielded grave goods with clear ties to the south including a mask gorget with a “weeping eye” motif which was also found on an artifact from the Nodena site in Arkansas, and is considered to be associated with the Southern Ceremonial Complex.
  • A re-release ties "Trauma" and "The Eye of Shamahn" together as one song.
  • From 1895 conservative Democrats firmly dominated Texas politics and Wells forged close ties with the political establishment in Austin as well as local political machines in neighboring counties.
  • Herder, coiner of the term "Nazionalismus" (nationalism) is portrayed by Berlin as conceiving of the nation as a "people's culture," the unique way of life of a particular folk, bound by ties of kinship and ties to land, defined by their unique history.
  • Surtees played all but one of the remaining 28 matches that season, including six FA Cup ties as Wednesday won the trophy at Wembley.
  • Many of those who identify as Junglists adopt a mix of rasta, rudebwoy and B-Boy fashions since jungle, drum and bass and hip hop have close ties as subcultures.
  • In terms of grammatical typology Rama may be considered a fairly "normal" language for the linguistic area within which it is located, despite the lack of close genetic ties with its immediate neighbours.
  • The Cohen family have had long ties with Melbourne which date back to the 1840s, when Trevor Cohen's great great grandfather struck one of the first leases in Melbourne, for the ground floor of the nearby 'Cashmore's Corner' on the northeast corner of Collins and Elizabeth Streets, and where his great grandmother was born.
  • They also believed that Christine's affection for her sister was based on family ties, not an incestuous relationship as others had suggested.
  • New Zealand and the European Union (EU) have strong historical and cultural ties.
  • There was expectation that increased ties with Yemen would fuel increased trade with the colonies and bring the region into the Italian sphere of influence.
  • It is secured evenly with ties along the luff to the mast and along the foot to the boom, pulled down tightly by a vang/kicker.
  • According to Fargo, "somebody else came out with some other Mario product that was not high quality" for computers, resulting in Nintendo cutting ties with Interplay Entertainment.
  • However, the agency stopped supporting Noriega after his ties with the Cartel came to public.
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