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fluorine molecule <F2>
Fluormolekül {n} <F2>
1/f² noise [red noise]
1/f²-Rauschen {n}
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Übersetzung für 'F2' von Englisch nach Deutsch

fluorine molecule <F2>
Fluormolekül {n} <F2>chem.

1/f² noise [red noise]
1/f²-Rauschen {n}audioelectr.
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  • The most common examples are 28mm f2.8 and 135mm f2.8 auto-stopdown M42 lens, probably manufactured by Chinon.
  • Leica thread mount lens in 35mm focal length (the UC Hexanon 35mm f2 in so-called L mount) that is said to be a design descendant of Hexar camera's 35mm f2 lens.
  • Salvaging a draw by threefold repetition with checks by moving the queen alternatively to f2 and h4.
  • TTL Flash metering, together with three M-Rokkor lenses, the 40mm /f2, 28mm/f2.,8 and 90mm/f4.
  • A weak input signal of frequency f1 is mixed with a strong reference frequency f2 from a local oscillator (LO).
  • If the two input signals are both sinusoids of specified frequencies f1 and f2, then the output of the mixer will contain two new sinusoids that have the sum f1 + f2 frequency and the difference frequency absolute value |f1 - f2|.
  • The resulting output signal contains frequencies that are the sum and difference of the input signal (f1) and the pump signal (f2): (f1 + f2) and (f1 − f2).
  • Themes for White: Pressure on the d-file, space advantage, e4–e5 break (often prepared with f2–f4), f2–f4–f5 push, g2–g4–g5 blitz (see Keres Attack).
  • Specifically, when a sinusoidal function of frequency "f1" is multiplied by another sinusoidal function of frequency "f2" not equal to "f1" and integrated over a time much longer than the period of the two functions, the result is zero.
  • Krasnov used the representation F = f1 + f2 + f3 to separate the flora of the Steppe with F being the plants now found and classifying them into f1 - the original Palearctic flora, f2 - old species that have undergone change to current conditions and f3 being new species that have come into the region.
  • ... 25μm pixel size and f2.2 aperture and Secondary has 5MP sensor of 1.12μm pixel size with f2.2 aperture).
  • Primo X4 Pro has a 16MP BSI f2.0 aperture LED flash rear and a 13MP BSI f2.2 aperture front camera with a lot of built in features including on screen flash.
  • Because of the exchangeability of "O1" and "O2", the assessment of the two sides of the equation above with the two factors "f1" and "f2" should therefore result in an equivalent outcome.
  • Bacteriophage f2 is an icosahedral, positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus that infects the bacterium "Escherichia coli".
  • The equivalent expansion suggests that f1 U f2 is true in one of the following two conditions.
  • For example, Silver could step the silver rabbit from f4 to g4 (so that it will no longer support pieces at f3), and then step the silver horse from f2 to f3, which captures the horse; the horse's move could still pull the gold rabbit from f1 to f2.
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