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flange focal distance <FFD>
Auflagemaß {n}
focus-film distance <FFD>
Fokus-Film-Abstand {m} <FFA> [konventionelle Radiologie]
focus-film distance <FFD>
Fokusfilmabstand {m} <FFA> [konventionelle Radiologie] [Rsv.]
finger-to-floor distance <FFD>
Fingerbodenabstand {m} <FBA>
fingertip-to-floor distance <FFD>
Fingerspitzen-Boden-Abstand {m} <FBA>
flange-to-film distance <FFD>
Auflagemaß {n} [Abstand zwischen Bildebene (Film oder Bildsensor) und Befestigungs­fläche des Objektivs]
focus-to-film distance <FFD> [EUR 17538]Fokus-Film-Abstand {m} <FFA> [EUR 17538]
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  • The station is currently owned by Ffd Holdings I, Inc.
  • Compared to the forward flank downdraft (FFD) the rear flank downdraft (RFD) consists of warm and dry air.
  • Ricardo – through FFD – had previously supported McLaren by supplying the production transmission for the original McLaren F1 road car.
  • Addressing Climate Change and enhancement of Financing for Development (FfD) should always be among our top priorities.
  • As a part of the Shah Deniz Full Field Development (FFD), otherwise called the Shahdeniz-2 project, BP will expand the pipeline through capacity extension by putting two additional compressor stations in Georgia and Turkey.
  • According to Ward's Auto World the influence that FFD had on all wheel drive (AWD) development transcended its size.
  • ... org/esa/ffd/doha/documents/Doha_Declaration_FFD.pdf).
  • Lenses can be adapted from one mount (and respective FFD) to another.
  • On September 29, 1978, "Federação de Futebol do Estado do Rio de Janeiro" ("Rio de Janeiro State Football Federation") (FERJ), was founded, after Guanabara state's FCF and Rio de Janeiro state's FFD ("Federação Fluminense de Desportos", or "Fluminense Sports Federation") fused.
  • In the aftermath of the election, the Forum for Democrats (FFD) contested the results, claiming a counting error by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).
  • Each item is smaller than 56-2"D" and each FFD bin has a sum larger than 100-"D", so each FFD bin must contain at least 3 items.
  • ... , FFD) was a Swedish government agency that existed from 1954 to 1968.
  • ALI was launched in November 2013 by some leading members of Act to Stop the Decline (FFD), who disagreed with the political line traced by Michele Boldrin, FFD's new leader.
  • In the competition program, FFD Yogyakarta competes in three categories, namely: Long Documentary, Short Documentary, and Student Documentary.
  • FFD was awarded a Phase I SBIR in 2011 and developed pressure garment glove technology under this contract.
  • Two principal factors play simultaneously: the apparent focal spot size and the ratio between object-film distance (OFD) and focus-film distance (FFD).
  • The performance of FFD was analyzed in several steps. Below, [...] denotes the number of bins used by FFD for input set "S" and bin-capacity C.
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