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flat-rate value adjustment <FVA> [also SAP term]
Pauschalwertberichtigung {f} <PWB> [auch SAP-Begriff]
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  • The glider fleet at FVA Aachen includes a high performance two-seat DG-1000 training glider, Schleicher ASH 25E open class two-seater, Glasflügel 205 Club Libelle and Glasflügel 206 Hornet club class gliders, as well as a Schleicher ASW 28-18 18m class sailplane, all of which can be flown by suitably qualified students.
  • After graduating from the Technical University of Aachen, he put his theoretical knowledge into practice at the aeronautical association Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen (FVA) by building the performance glider FVA-10 "Rheinland".
  • Independent from the FVA, members of Appleton United Lacrosse are recruited from all three AASD high schools.
  • The Lotus 48 was designed to take the Cosworth FVA engine to compete under the new Formula Two regulations introduced in 1967.
  • Footvolley Australia (FVA) is the first peak body responsible for footvolley in Australia.
  • It is said that the pent-roof combustion chamber was developed by Keith Duckworth of Cosworth with the FVA of the 1600cc F2 engine, but before the FVA, Honda had already adopted it in its racing engine and raced.
  • The Hart-tuned Ford FVA and BDA engines were successful in Formula Two, with Ronnie Peterson winning the European title with an FVA in 1971 and Mike Hailwood taking the same title in 1972 with a BDA.
  • The two current sponsors of the FVA are BMC and FPL. As of May 8th, 2022, FVA has also agreed to sponsor Alpha Cycling.
  • The next year the FVA motor was replaced by a 1790cc Cosworth FVC engine that developed approximately 240 hp.
  • The most popular 1600cc engine was the Cosworth FVA, the sixteen-valve head on a four-cylinder Cortina block that was effectively the "proof of concept" for the legendary DFV.
  • FVA maintains the Venezuelan records in athletics.
  • The FVA-20 was designed in 1967 to investigate the then-new glass fibre construction methods.
  • The FVA-18 Primitivkrähe (...) was a 1960s German lightweight training aircraft designed and built at Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen.
  • The FVA-4 Pipö was a biplane two-seat powered trainer designed and built in Germany in 1923.
  • The FVA-3 Ente was a canard two-seat glider built in Germany in 1922.
  • A refined version of the FVA-1 was produced as the FVA-2 Blaue Maus (Blue Mouse).
  • It was powered by the different four-cylinder engines; including a Ford-Cosworth FVA, a BMW M10, and a Coventry Climax FPF. Power output ranged between [...].
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