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French pitch
Pariser Stimmung {f}
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Übersetzung für 'French pitch' von Englisch nach Deutsch

French pitch
Pariser Stimmung {f}hist.mus.
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  • Scientific pitch was originally proposed in 1713 by French physicist Joseph Sauveur and based on the numerically convenient frequency of 256 Hz for middle C, all C's being powers of two.
  • At concert pitch one fifth lower, the notes spell out "E La Mi Re A" in a combination of French and German notation.
  • The tablature system used in all these texts is the "Italian" tablature, wherein the stopped frets are indicated by numbers and the lowest line of the staff represents the highest-pitch course (or string), resembling the neck of the instrument in playing position; Milán's book also uses numbers to indicate the stopping of the courses but exceptionally it is the top line of the staff that represents the highest-pitch course, as in "French" tablature.
  • The tenor horn is very rarely included in the symphony orchestra, where its place is taken by the French horn.
  • One particular incident of note was West German goalkeeper Harald Schumacher's foul of French player Patrick Battiston during a semi-final match in Seville, and another was Italian player Claudio Gentile's intense and often violent match-long fouling and marking of Argentine player Diego Maradona.
  • This is a similar game to the French Pétanque which is actually played very little on the island, although there are a few teams and courts.
  • French Polynesia appeared in the world music scene in 1992, recorded by French musicologist Pascal Nabet-Meyer with the release of The Tahitian Choir's recordings of unaccompanied vocal Christian music called himene tārava.
  • After the 18th-century founding and development of New Orleans, French settlers began to enter the region.
  • It thus resembles mountaineering grades such as the International French Adjectival System.
  • The original French instrument had a five-octave range, but because the lowest octave was considered somewhat unsatisfactory, it was omitted from later models.
  • These popular instruments were mostly written for by French composers, especially Hector Berlioz.
  • The genesis of "12 Monkeys" came from executive producer Robert Kosberg, who had been a fan of the French short film "La Jetée" (1962).
  • ... , Italian, French: "trombone") is a musical instrument in the brass family.
  • burger and a pound of french fries in under 30 minutes to win two future Rays game tickets and a T-shirt.
  • Before standardization on 440 Hz, many countries and organizations followed the French standard since the 1860s of 435 Hz, which had also been the Austrian government's 1885 recommendation.
  • In particular, he argued that the Antoine character perpetrated negative French stereotypes.
  • The music of French Polynesia came to the forefront of the world music scene in 1992, with the release of The Tahitian Choir's recordings of unaccompanied vocal Christian music called himene tārava, recorded by French musicologist Pascal Nabet-Meyer.
  • The origins of concert band can be traced back to the French Revolution, in which large bands would often gather for patriotic festivals and celebrations.
  • by 20 TPI hole. French pedal spindles use M14 × 1.25 ([...] metric diameter with [...] pitch) threads, and thread loosely into a 9/16 pedal hole.
  • A clef (from French: [...] 'key') is a musical symbol used to indicate which notes are represented by the lines and spaces on a musical stave.
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