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general staff officer - operations officer <G 3>
Generalstabsoffizier {m} - Führung, Organisation und Ausbildung <G 3>
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  • Keyes' interwar service included duty with the Panama Canal Division as an Assistant Chief of Staff (G-3), instructor at the USMA and the United States Army Cavalry School at Fort Riley, Kansas, and Chief of Supply of Supply Division within War Department.
  • Staff assignments include a tour with the United Nations as Operations Officer (G-3) for Observer Group Lebanon and a tour in the Office of the Chief of Staff of the U.S.
  • Note that we require the domains of "G"2, "G"3 to be broad enough to make the above properties meaningful.
  • On September 23, 2021, the Diocese of the Holy Cross voted to join the Anglican Catholic Church as a non-geographical diocese, making the "Group of 4" a "Group of 3" (G-3) churches.
  • Other clandestine radio stations operated by the Political Warfare Executive and its forerunners during the war included "Das wahre Deutschland" (G.1), "Sender der Europäischen Revolution" (G.2), "Gustav Siegfried Eins" (G.3), "Wehrmachtssender Nord" (G.5) and the "German Priest" (G.7) station.
  • Whereas chains of other infixed symbols (e.g. 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7) can often be considered in fragments (e.g.
  • If "w" is replaced by the negative reciprocal of its complex conjugate, [...] then the functions "g"1, "g"2, and "g"3 of "w" are left unchanged.
  • Examples of distressed inventory include products which have reached their expiry date, or have reached a date in advance of expiry at which the planned market will no longer purchase them (e.g. ...
  • Fast cutting is a film editing technique which refers to several consecutive shots of a brief duration (e.g. ...
  • Oxygen balanced iron thermite 2Al + Fe2O3 has theoretical maximum density of 4.175 g/cm3 an adiabatic burn temperature of 3135 K or 2862 °C or 5183 °F (with phase transitions included, limited by iron, which boils at 3135 K), the aluminum oxide is (briefly) molten and the produced iron is mostly liquid with part of it being in gaseous form - 78.4 g of iron vapor per kg of thermite are produced.
  • A 2018 Imperial College London study also shows how salmonella disrupt specific arms of the immune system (e.g. ...
  • One can also enrich the problem by considering the moduli stack of genus "g" nodal curves with "n" marked points.
  • There are a number of gaps in the lowest octave, which functions primarily to provide bass notes in diatonic contexts; there is also a missing G [...] 3 in the tenor octave.
  • The Virasoro algebra has a presentation in terms of two generators (e.g. [...] 3 and [...] −2) and six relations.
  • Under FIDE and US Chess rules, each player gets the increment for the first move as well.
  • A raw mango is 84% water, 15% carbohydrates, 1% protein, and has negligible fat (table).
  • The expected value of a call is determined by comparing the pot odds to the odds of drawing a hand that wins at showdown.
  • Most infantry master sergeants serve as the operations chief of a weapons company, in place of the gunnery sergeant found in the company headquarters of a rifle company.
  • Extant auks range in size from the least auklet, at 85 g (3 oz) and [...] , to the thick-billed murre, at [...] and [...]. Due to their short wings, auks have to flap their wings very quickly to fly.
  • These circuits were constructed of individual discrete components mounted on single sided paper-epoxy printed circuit boards [...] with a 16-pin gold-plated edge connector, that IBM referred to as "SMS" cards ("Standard Modular System").
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