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NOUN   a G8 state | G8 states
G8 state [country]
G-8-Staat {m}
G8 state [country]
G8-Staat {m} [Rsv.]
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Übersetzung für 'G8 state' von Englisch nach Deutsch

G8 state [country]
G-8-Staat {m}pol.

G8-Staat {m} [Rsv.]pol.
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  • Sales started in 1998, although some models had been produced for special occasions before that, including for the Heads of State attending the 1998 G8 Summit in Birmingham.
  • These participants were the "core members" of the 23rd G8 summit:Host state and leader are shown in bold text.
  • Apart from conferences of the sherpas of the head of state there are additional conferences held in specific domains that are routinely attended by other state secretaries in the government—most of the G8 countries have national sherpa teams in the field of foreign affairs (Foreign Affairs Sous-Sherpa) and finance (Finance Sous-Sherpa).
  • In the United States, the Under Secretary of State for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs (E) traditionally serves as the G8 Foreign Affairs Sous-Sherpa (FASS).
  • Bad Sobernheim has a state G8 Gymnasium, the "Emanuel-Felke-Gymnasium".
  • The G332 found use in the State Machine G8 and Computer Concepts Colour Card for the Acorn Archimedes range of personal computers, these providing a secondary framebuffer to which the main display memory was copied periodically, also offering a broader 24-bit palette for all graphics modes including individually programmable colours for 256-colour modes.
  • Freight engines with an 0-8-0 wheel arrangement were once very popular in Germany. The Prussian state railways had several types of 0-8-0s that were all classified as G7, G8 and G9.
  • Since then, a G8 Summit Retreat was held at Weston Park in 1998 with the heads of State or Government present including US President Bill Clinton and Russian President Boris Yeltsin and, since 1999, the grounds of Weston Park have been used as one of the sites of the annual dual-site Virgin sponsored V Festival.
  • In 1997 the restaurant hosted President Bill Clinton’s state dinner for the 23rd G8 summit.
  • Italian AW101s have operated from a variety of ships and have seen service overseas; in 2009 the Italian Navy used its AW101 fleet as executive transports for visiting heads of state and officials during the 35th G8 summit.
  • It does state that Afghanistan Railway Law (12 chapters and 105 clauses) was drafted in February 2013 and is awaiting approval from "relevant institutions".
  • He also forged a closer relationship with the People's Republic of China by announcing the strategic partnership initiative during PRC President Hu Jintao's state visit to Canada in September 2005.
  • This was the first G7 meeting neither taking place in a member state nor having the host leader participating in the meeting.
  • The Forum was to comprise 27 heads of state (L27, corresponding to half of ECOSOC's membership) to meet annually and provide international leadership in the development area.
  • Being carbon neutral is increasingly seen as good corporate or state social responsibility and a growing list of corporations and states are announcing dates for when they intend to become fully neutral.
  • was supposedly an informal greeting that United States President George W.
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