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glycerophosphoethanolamine <GPE>
Glycerophosphoethanolamin {n} <GPE>
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Übersetzung für 'GPE' von Englisch nach Deutsch

glycerophosphoethanolamine <GPE>
Glycerophosphoethanolamin {n} <GPE>biochem.
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  • GPE's PIM applications (GPE-Contacts, GPE-Calendar, GPE-ToDo) can be synchronized with their desktop and web counterparts (such as Novell Evolution, Mozilla Sunbird and Google Calendar) through the use of "GPE-Syncd" and the OpenSync framework.
  • The indirect pathway, which contains the GPe and the subthalamic nucleus, functions to modulate the effects of the direct pathway.
  • GPE supports close to 70 developing country governments to develop good quality education sector plans.
  • There are no specific regulations prohibiting a former finalist (or even a former laureate) from competing in (or even winning again) the GPE more than once.
  • In 1954 GPE purchased Griscom-Russell. In 1955 GPE Corporation purchased the Kearfott Company.
  • Great Portland Estates was rebranded to GPE in November 2021.
  • The Gross-Pitaevskii equation (GPE) provides a relatively good description of the behavior of atomic BEC's.
  • IGF-1 that is not bound to its binding protein bares a very short half-life and is cleaved by enzymes to form the tripeptide glycine-proline-glutamate (GPE).
  • Google Plugin for Eclipse (GPE) was a set of development tools that enabled Java developers to design, build, optimize, and deploy cloud computing applications.
  • 1968 Singer Corporation acquires GPE. Edwin Link remains as consultant until 1972.
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