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glycylglycine <Gly-Gly>
Glycylglycin {n} <Gly-Gly>
glycylglycine <Gly-Gly>
Glyzylglyzin {n} <Gly-Gly>
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Übersetzung für 'Gly-Gly' von Englisch nach Deutsch

glycylglycine <Gly-Gly>
Glycylglycin {n} <Gly-Gly>biochem.

Glyzylglyzin {n} <Gly-Gly>biochem.
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  • SENP1 catalyzes maturation SUMO protein (small ubiquitin-related modifier), which causes hydrolysis peptide bond of SUMO is in a conserved sequence Gly-Gly-|-Ala-Thr-Tyr at the C-terminal to be added to the conjugation of other proteins (sumoylation).
  • The RGG box is an unstructured region containing numerous Arg-Gly-Gly repeats with fairly regular spacing.
  • Other names in common use include cyclo(Gly-Gly) hydrolase, and cyclo(glycylglycine) hydrolase.
  • Dynorphin A is a dynorphin, an endogenous opioid peptide that activates the κ-opioid receptor. Its amino acid sequence is Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu-Arg-Arg-Ile-Arg-Pro-Lys-Leu-Lys.
  • They include the amino acid sequence (Thr-Val-Gly-Tyr-Gly) or (Thr-Val-Gly-Phe-Gly) typical to the selectivity filter of voltage-gated K+ channels.
  • Growth-hormone-releasing hormone is the lead compound for a number of structural and functional analogs, such as Pro-Pro-hGHRH(1-44)-Gly-Gly-Cys, CJC-1293, and CJC-1295.
  • It has the amino acid sequence GGVLVQPG, IUPAC condensed descriptor of H-Gly-Gly-Val-Leu-Val-Gln-Pro-Gly-OH, and the systematic name glycylglycyl-L-valyl-L-leucyl-L-valyl-L-glutaminyl-L-prolyl-glycine.
  • The amino acid structure of agelenin is Gly-Gly-Cys-Leu-Pro-His-Asn-Arg-Phe-Cys-Asn-Ala-Leu-Ser-Gly-Pro-Arg-Cys-Cys-Ser-Gly-Leu-Lys-Cys-Lys-Glu-Leu-Ser-Ile-Trp-Asp-Ser-Arg-Cys-Leu (GGCLPHNRFCNALSGPRCCSGLKCKELSIWDSRCL).
  • Derived as a proteolytic cleavage product of residues 226-254 of prodynorphin (preproenkephalin B), leumorphin is a nonacosapeptide (29 amino acids in length) and has the sequence Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu-Arg-Arg-Gln-Phe-Lys-Val-Val-Thr-Arg-Ser-Gln-Glu-Asp-Pro-Asn-Ala-Tyr-Ser-Gly-Glu-Leu-Phe-Asp-Ala.
  • Diguanylate cyclases are characterized by the conserved amino acid sequence motifs “GGDEF” (Gly-Gly-Asp-Glu-Phe) or “GGEEF” (Gly-Gly-Glu-Glu-Phe), which constitute the domain of the DGC active site.
  • α-Endorphin is an endogenous opioid peptide with a length of 16 amino acids, and the amino acid sequence: Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Met-Thr-Ser-Glu-Lys-Ser-Gln-Thr-Pro-Leu-Val-Thr.
  • α-Neoendorphin is an endogenous opioid peptide with a decapeptide structure and the amino acid sequence Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu-Arg-Lys-Tyr-Pro-Lys.
  • β-Neoendorphin is an endogenous opioid peptide with a nonapeptide structure and the amino acid sequence Tyr-Gly-Gly-Phe-Leu-Arg-Lys-Tyr-Pro (YGGFLRKYP).
  • The rufous-bellied seedsnipe frequently calls when flying and also while running; its call is "a melodic-sounding 'gly-gly-gly...' or 'cul-cul-cul...'" which several birds may make simultaneously.
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