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NOUN   an H2O cycle | H2O cycles
H2O cycle
Wasserzyklus {m}
H2O cycle
Wasserkreislauf {m}
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Übersetzung für 'H2O cycle' von Englisch nach Deutsch

H2O cycle
Wasserzyklus {m}hydro.

Wasserkreislauf {m}hydro.
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  • CO2 is formed in Pyruvate decarboxylation, H2O is formed in oxidative phosphorylation, and both are formed in the citric acid cycle.
  • The reaction is the citric acid cycle run in reverse. Where the Krebs cycle takes carbohydrates and oxidizes them to CO2 and water, the reverse cycle takes CO2 and H2O to make carbon compounds.
  • A  natural gas integrated power & syngas (hydrogen) generation cycle  utilizes semi-closed (sometimes called closed)  gas turbine cycles where fuel is combusted with pure oxygen in a presence of the working fluid of the cycle which is a mix of combustion products CO2 and H2O (steam).
  • It is found to be present at one stage of the enriched uranium fuel cycle and in yellowcake prepared via the "in situ" leaching and resin ion exchange system.
  • In this catalytic cycle the reaction is initiated by air oxidation of the trialkylborane 3 by air to the methyl radical 4.
  • Pyruvate undergoes decarboxylation using the multi-enzyme complex to form acetyl coA which can readily be used in the TCA cycle to produce NADH and FADH2.
  • The production of acetyl-CoA begins the citric acid cycle while the co-enzymes produced are used in the electron transport chain.
  • In this way, litterfall becomes an important part of the nutrient cycle that sustains forest environments.
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