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I Ching [The Book of Changes]
I Ging {n} [Das Buch der Wandlungen]
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Übersetzung für 'I Ching' von Englisch nach Deutsch

I Ching [The Book of Changes]
I Ging {n} [Das Buch der Wandlungen]lit.F
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  • In Chinese tradition, the five cardinal point system is related to I Ching, the Wu Xing and the five naked-eye planets.
  • However, the "Pha Phu Tsu" and the "Shen I Ching" describing a statue in the Western provinces as being of silver, tin, lead and Tanyang copper – which looked like gold, and could be forged for plating and inlaying vessels and swords.
  • Feldman's experiments with chance in turn inspired Cage to write pieces like "Music of Changes", where the notes to be played are determined by consulting the I Ching.
  • The stalks are dried and used as a randomising agent in I Ching divination.
  • During the 19th and 20th century, methods of divination from non-Western cultures, such as the I Ching, were also adopted as methods of fortune telling in western popular culture.
  • Among other things, he used FUCKUP to calculate the chances of World War III starting, which it does by throwing virtual I Ching sticks.
  • Permutations called hexagrams were used in China in the I Ching (Pinyin: Yi Jing) as early as 1000 BC.
  • The silk version of I Ching recorded this original name.
  • In 1967 the KTA established a new set of forms called the "Palgwae" poomsae, named after the eight trigrams of the I Ching.
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