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Just look at that!Das sehe sich einer an!
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Übersetzung für 'Just look at that' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Just look at that!
Das sehe sich einer an!
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  • A consumer will not simply assume a 2% inflation rate just because that has been the average the past few years; they will look at current monetary policy and economic conditions to make an informed forecast.
  • He had brushed it off at the time, stating that it must have just been some of the fans who had taken a disliking to him following one of his wrestling contests.
  • A few months into the process, the designers were testing how one character would look at another they had just passed.
  • The lovers can just be viewed through a gap in the rock that gives onto the sea at the lower right.
  • There are multiple activists that are trying to make the Swedish government recognise Jamtish as a minority language just as Yiddish or Sami have become one.
  • Thrasher developed a love of horses at a very early age which led him into collecting carriages and participating in various parades just to show off his collection.
  • If the statues have no pubic hair, it is just as likely that the artist thought clumps of hair were unattractive and either left them off or painted them in lightly after the sculpting was done as almost all Roman statues were painted.
  • Next it sees "cSc" in the input (starting at the second "c" of "cScSc") and emits the new code it just inserted.
  • He arrives at her family's apartment building just as she is leaving for London.
  • They eventually figured out how to do just that by the anastomosis of the systemic artery to the pulmonary artery and called this the Blalock-Taussig Shunt.
  • Those who seek to increase their performance in sports would focus mostly on compound exercises, using isolation exercises to strengthen just those muscles that are holding the athlete back.
  • But, just a month later, in a December 2013 interview with Fox News, Tyson said that he is very grateful to be a Muslim and that he needs Allah in his life.
  • It seems more likely that Plautus was just experimenting putting Roman ideas in Greek forms.
  • Seven years later, Varney revisited the game in the August 1991 edition of "Dragon" (Issue #172), reviewing the new Basic Set edition that had just been released.
  • These are just a few examples on how to use these values and the meanings behind them to evaluate the decision tree model and improve upon the next iteration.
  • "Difficulties are inherent if you are dealing with just one family", he says.
  • In "The Second Self" (1984), Turkle defines the computer as more than just a tool, but part of our everyday personal and psychological lives.
  • He decides to lead a pious Christian life just as Uncle Tom did.
  • Another aspect of turn-based strategy rather than just a battlefield in modern video games is controlling countries such as in the "Civilization" franchise and their most recent title, "Civilization VI".
  • The arms pulled away just after the engine ignited, releasing the missile.
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