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ADJ   Kafkaesque | more Kafkaesque | most Kafkaesque
Kafkaesque {adj}kafkaesk [geh.]
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Übersetzung für 'Kafkaesque' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kafkaesque {adj}
kafkaesk [geh.]
Anwendungsbeispiele Englisch
  • This essentially Kafkaesque tale follows the travails of Budai, a linguist who steps off a plane expecting to be in Helsinki but finds himself in a sprawling and densely populated metropolis whose residents speak an unknown and unintelligible language.
  • He has also translated Milan Kundera's 'the Kafkaesque World' into Kurdish as well as a number of other short stories by famous world writers.
  • ultimately makes the emotional reality and Kafkaesque lunacy of such a system hit home".
  • The work in itself was really more similar to the classic literature of the 18th and 19th centuries, and could be described as a darker version of a Kafkaesque short story.
  • This is one of a whole series of adjectives based on authors' names, such as Brechtian, Kafkaesque, Maloufian, Orwellian, Pinteresque and Shavian.
  • "Dilbert" portrays corporate culture as a Kafkaesque world of bureaucracy for its own sake, where office politics preclude productivity, employees' skills and efforts are not rewarded, and busy work is praised.
  • "Things Gone and Things Still Here" contains examples of Bowles’s theme of “transference” or “transformation”, in which a human or animal undergoes a Kafkaesque metamorphosis, exchanging identities.
  • "The Factory" has been written in a style similar to that of Kafka, and thus it is labeled "kafkaesque."
  • It is a "Kafkaesque tale" that "imagines such a post-colonial dystopia".
  • Despite working together, Bullaty had her own personal vision: she was intrigued by "Kafkaesque shadows she remembers from her childhood."
  • Based on a story by Chad Oliver, the story dealt with questions of existence and identity, the kafkaesque "puppets on a stage" concept, a concept previously explored on The Twilight Zone.
  • His contributions to "Sur" included poems, essays, and Kafkaesque short stories.
  • Mane is a Kafkaesque tale about a young couple (Naseeruddin Shah and Deepti Naval) that moves to the city from a village with the hope of finding privacy and freedom, which are unavailable in the joint family system.
  • This gives a clear idea of the black humour and Kafkaesque atmosphere of this comic book.
  • no in 2015 as a "Kafkaesque process" that followed "targeting" from online forums, Facebook groups, and RationalWiki.
  • He expresses his fears by secretly drawing kafkaesque comix which are accessible for the film audience.
  • "We're Here to Help" is a 2007 Kafkaesque comedy film written and directed by Jonothan Cullinane and starring Erik Thomson, Miriama Smith, and Michael Hurst.
  • Nestor described working at this agency as "the most Kafkaesque existence.”; during this time he took an interest in magazine journalism.
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