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Kei island blue-tongued skink [Tiliqua gigas keyensis]
Kei-Island-Blauzungenskink {m}
Kei myotis [Myotis stalkeri]
Molukken-Mausohr {n}
Kei myotis [Myotis stalkeri]
Kei-Langfußfledermaus {f}
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  • Core the Child (typeset as CoЯe The Child) was a Japanese visual kei rock/metal band formed in 2004, and was predecessor to the successful visual kei bands vistlip and Unsraw.
  • Historically, Daihatsu was well known for building three-wheeled vehicles and off-road vehicles, while currently the company offers a range of kei car models, along with kei trucks, kei vans and other larger small cars in Japan.
  • The kei car regulation is used only in Japan, though other Asian automakers also design microvans with similar characteristics.
  • The Great Kei River is a river in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa.
  • A tauyavutaka na turaga ni Toga o Ma'afu ena nona via vakacokovatataka na vanua era vakarorogo vua, ena veirogorogoci kei ira na turaga ni vanua o Bua, Macuata, Cakaudrove kei Lau.
  • The Today represented Honda's reentry into kei car production.
  • He starred in the feature-length film "Maebashi Visual Kei", as a young farmer who tries to make it big in a visual kei band.
  • Rouage (stylized as ROUAGE) was a Japanese visual kei rock band formed in Nagoya in 1993, active until 2001.
  • The formation of Arlequin was associated with the aspiration to be a band of a new generation of Nagoya kei, a dark subgenre of visual kei that emerged in the early nineties.
  • Due to its dimensions, it qualifies under the kei car dimension category in Japan.
  • During early days of shoot-style pro wrestling in Japan, the professional wrestling and/or mixed martial arts organizations that derived from the idea of UWF are collectively called "UWF-kei", or "U-kei" for short.
  • In Japan, a professional wrestling and/or mixed martial arts organizations that derived from the idea of UWF are collectively referred to "UWF-kei", or "U-kei" for short.
  • He also hosts a new monthly visual kei variety show called "VisuBara" with other visual kei artists, which is scheduled to debut August 14, 2011.
  • Some visual kei bands have a concept or theme relating to [...] , most notably Cali Gari.
  • Lee Siu-kei ([...]; 4 December 1949 – 2 June 2019) Lee was referred to as "基哥" or "Brother Kei".
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