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Kerguelen Islands
Kerguelen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Kerguelen Islands' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kerguelen Islands
Kerguelen {pl}geogr.
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  • Many that were not shot were left behind on the Kerguelen Islands.
  • eatoni" (the Kerguelen pintail) of Kerguelen Islands, and "A.
  • Finally, large parts of the Crozet Islands and the Kerguelen Islands are a nature reserve.
  • Two copies were launched in January and February 1975 off the Kerguelen Islands.
  • The colonies at Macquarie Island and the Kerguelen Islands rely more on a diet of Fish and Squid.
  • He discovered the Kerguelen Islands during his first expedition to the southern Indian Ocean.
  • The first human born in the wider Antarctic region was the Australian James Kerguelen Robinson, born in the Kerguelen Islands on 11 March 1859.
  • They visited Bouvetøya, the Kerguelen Islands, and other islands, before returning to Hamburg, where they arrived on 1 May 1899.
  • On Erich von Drygalski's Antarctic expedition in 1902 and 1903, 30 m holes were drilled in an iceberg south of the Kerguelen Islands and temperature readings were taken.
  • These fisheries are located around the Kerguelen Islands (CCAMLR Statistical Division 58.5.1) and the Crozet Islands (CCAMLR Statistical Division 58.6).
  • Some oceanographic work was carried out on the return voyage to the Kerguelen Islands, where 190 tons of coal were taken aboard and the boilers washed out.
  • Principal activities on the Kerguelen Islands focus on scientific research, mostly earth sciences and biology.
  • The Réunion hotspot (active 70–40 million years ago) connects Réunion and the Mascarene Plateau to the Chagos-Laccadive Ridge and the Deccan Traps in north-western India; the Kerguelen hotspot (100–35 million years ago) connects the Kerguelen Islands and Kerguelen Plateau to the Ninety East Ridge and the Rajmahal Traps in north-eastern India; the Marion hotspot (100–70 million years ago) possibly connects Prince Edward Islands to the Eighty Five East Ridge.
  • Since the "double flash", if one existed, could have occurred not very far to the west of the French-owned Kerguelen Islands, it was a possibility that France was testing a small neutron bomb [...] or other small tactical nuclear bomb.
  • northeast of the Kerguelen Islands, and [...] southeast of Réunion.
  • halli"; "patagonicus" is found in the South Atlantic and "halli" in the South Indian Ocean (at the Kerguelen Islands, Crozet Island, Prince Edward Islands and Heard Island and McDonald Islands) and at Macquarie Island.
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