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NOUN   kerma | kermas
kerma <K>
Kerma {f} <K>
air kerma
Luftkerma {n}
Kerma culture [also: Kerma Culture]
Kerma-Kultur {f} [auch: Kermakultur]
air kerma rate <AKR>
Luftkermaleistung {f}
entrance surface air kerma <ESAK> [EUR 17538]
Luftkerma {n} auf der Strahleneintrittsseite [EUR 17538]
kinetic energy released in material <kerma>
Kerma {f} <K>
kinetic energy released in matter <kerma>
Kerma {f} <K>
kinetic energy released per unit mass <kerma> [rare]
Kerma {f} <K>
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  • The calibration of individual and area dosimeters in photon fields is performed by measuring the collision "air kerma free in air" under conditions of secondary electron equilibrium.
  • Quarter-value layer is the amount of specified material that reduces the air kerma rate (or exposure rate, exposure, air kerma, etc...) to one fourth of the value obtained without any test filters.
  • It is possible to calculate quantities such as absorbed dose, kerma, particle fluence, and much more, with complex geometrical conditions.
  • Improved measurements have since found that one roentgen of air kerma deposits 8.77 mGy in dry air, or 9.6 mGy in soft tissue, but the rep was defined as a fixed number of ergs per unit gram.
  • He defined a unit of kerma which was later renamed the roentgen.
  • For low-energy photons, kerma is numerically approximately the same as absorbed dose.
  • It is based on a measurement of air kerma and conversion factors.
  • Kermajärvi (literally Finn. "kerma" for cream, "järvi" for lake, Sámi. ...
  • When CPE exists in an irradiated medium, the absorbed dose in the volume is equal to the collision kerma.
  • The adoption of the gray by the 15th General Conference on Weights and Measures as the unit of measure of the absorption of ionizing radiation, specific energy absorption, and of kerma in 1975 was the culmination of over half a century of work, both in the understanding of the nature of ionizing radiation and in the creation of coherent radiation quantities and units.
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