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Kerma culture [also: Kerma Culture]
Kerma-Kultur {f} [auch: Kermakultur]
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Übersetzung für 'Kerma culture' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kerma culture [also: Kerma Culture]
Kerma-Kultur {f} [auch: Kermakultur]archaeo.hist.
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  • Sherds akin to those of the Kerma culture, another community that flourished in the Nile Valley around the same period, were also found at other local archaeological sites in the Barka valley belonging to the Gash Group.
  • Beginning with the Kerma culture and continuing with the Kingdom of Kush based at Napata and then Meroë, Nubian culture absorbed Egyptian influences at various times, for both political and religious reasons.
  • The earliest occupation of Jebel Barkal was that of the Kerma culture that was also known as Kush, but this occupation is so far known only from scattered potsherds.
  • Linguistic evidence indicates that Cushitic languages were spoken in Lower Nubia, an ancient region which straddles present day Southern Egypt and part of Northern Sudan, and that Nilo-Saharan languages were spoken in Upper Nubia to the south (by the peoples of the Kerma culture), with North Eastern Sudanic languages from Upper Nubia later replacing the Cushitic languages of Lower Nubia.
  • Kerma was the capital city of the Kerma culture, which was located in present-day Sudan at least 5,500 years ago.
  • This in turn suggests that the C-Group population—which, along with the Kerma culture, inhabited the Nile valley immediately before the arrival of the first Nubian speakers—spoke Afro-Asiatic languages.
  • Kerma culture was militaristic. This is attested by the many bronze daggers or swords as well as archer burials found in their graves.
  • Certain pottery vessels also show connections with other cultures, such as with Kerma culture, the C-Group, the Pan-Grave and the Yemeni Bronze age.
  • The "Dongola Reach" contains archaeological material from numerous cultural groups from across the history of the Middle Nile region, including the Kerma culture, the Kingdom of Kush, and the medieval kingdom of Makuria.
  • In ancient Sudan, the development of sculpture stretches from the simple pottery of the Kerma culture beginning around 2500 BCE to the monumental statuary and architecture of the Kingdom of Kush, its last phase—the Meroitic period—ending around 350 CE (with its conquest by Ethiopia's Aksum).
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