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Kuhn-Tucker conditions
Kuhn-Tucker-Bedingungen {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Kuhn-Tucker' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Kuhn-Tucker conditions
Kuhn-Tucker-Bedingungen {pl}math.
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  • Complementarity problems were originally studied because the Karush–KuhnTucker conditions in linear programming and quadratic programming constitute a linear complementarity problem (LCP) or a mixed complementarity problem (MCP).
  • If the problem has only equality constraints, then the method is equivalent to applying Newton's method to the first-order optimality conditions, or Karush–KuhnTucker conditions, of the problem.
  • With inequality constraints, the problem can be characterized in terms of the geometric optimality conditions, Fritz John conditions and Karush–KuhnTucker conditions, under which simple problems may be solvable.
  • This is the significance of the Karush–KuhnTucker conditions.
  • Common applications of Farkas' lemma include proving the strong duality theorem associated with linear programming and the Karush–KuhnTucker conditions.
  • In mathematical optimization, the Karush–KuhnTucker (KKT) conditions, also known as the Kuhn–Tucker conditions, are first derivative tests (sometimes called first-order necessary conditions) for a solution in nonlinear programming to be optimal, provided that some regularity conditions are satisfied.
  • Another approach is to use an interior-point method that uses Newton-like iterations to find a solution of the Karush–KuhnTucker conditions of the primal and dual problems.
  • The problem is solved as a constrained optimization problem and is converged when the solver satisfies Karush–KuhnTucker conditions.
  • Karush–KuhnTucker (KKT) conditions are available.
  • They are used as lemma in the proof of the Karush–KuhnTucker conditions, but they are relevant on their own.
  • , then the Karush–KuhnTucker conditions are sufficient for a global minimum.
  • In allowing inequality constraints, the KuhnTucker approach generalized the classic method of Lagrange multipliers, which (until then) had allowed only equality constraints.
  • Using the Karush–KuhnTucker conditions, it can be shown that the optimization problem has a unique solution because the objective function in the optimization is concave in [...].
  • In 1950, Albert Tucker gave the name and interpretation "prisoner's dilemma" to Merrill M.
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