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Lamaist {adj}
Lamaist {m}
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Lamaist {adj}

Lamaist {m}relig.
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  • The first volume in the series, "A History of Modern Tibet, 1913-1951: The Demise of the Lamaist State", was awarded Honorable Mention for the Joseph Levenson Book Prize in 1989 by the Association for Asian Studies.
  • The sum features one of the very few surviving pre-1990 lamaist structures in Khövsgöl Province, Jargalantyn Dugan ("temple") dating from 1890.
  • This policy resulted in the suspension of Lamaist canonical regulations governing monastery construction and in Kalmyk temples resembling Russian Orthodox churches.
  • Outer Mongolia, the former homeland of the imperial dynasty of Genghis Khan, was another lamaist theocracy from 1585, using various styles, such as tulku.
  • Born in Tannu Uriankhai during the rule of the Qing dynasty of China, Donduk was originally a Lamaist monk.
  • The seated Avalokiteshvara in "royal ease" pose from the 14th century at the National Museum of Korea shows the stylistic influence of Tibetan Lamaist Buddhism which was favored by the Yuan Mongol court.
  • Ma Bufang patronized the Panchen Lama, and the Lamaist Red Sect against the Dalai Lama.
  • Clark noted the Lamaist Buddhist shrine which they prayed to.
  • In eastern Qinghai and Gansu there were cases of Tibetan women who stayed in their Buddhist Lamaist religion while marrying Chinese Muslim men and they would have different sons who would be Buddhist and Muslims, the Buddhist sons became Lamas while the other sons were Muslims.
  • The practise apparently was part of lamaist popular medicine.
  • During the course of their recent history the Rais has increasingly borrowed elements from the major religions they have had contact with from Lamaist Buddhism or Nepalese Hinduism without however renouncing their own tribal traditions.
  • Siberian Baroque is an architectural style common for ambitious structures in 18th-century Siberia, where 115 stone churches in Siberia were recorded in 1803, most of which were built in this provincial variant of the Russian Baroque, influenced by the Ukrainian Baroque and in some cases even incorporating lamaist motifs.
  • Khamar Monastery was founded in 1820 by Dulduityn Danzanravjaa, a charismatic 17-year-old lamaist monk of the Nyingma red hat school of Buddhism.
  • The religion of the Deng people is an eclectic mixture of Deng animism and Lamaist Buddhism.
  • to replace earlier shamanist gods in the liturgy with five Lamaist gods including Qormusata Tngri.
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