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NOUN   a Laotian | Laotians
Laotians [also: Lao, Laos, Isan]
Laoten {pl}
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Übersetzung für 'Laotians' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Laotians [also: Lao, Laos, Isan]
Laoten {pl}ethn.
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  • Buddhist practitioners among the Laotians attend the Wat Lao Mixarayam Temple in Lowell, Massachusetts.
  • In Laos itself, there was an effort to train Laotians as forward air guides. Meantime, the Butterfly forward air control program began.
  • 6 million Laotians in Laos, constituting approximately 68% of the population (the remainder are largely hill tribe people).
  • After the Ayutthaya Kingdom conquered Vientiane, Laotians traveling through the area settled to form the town.
  • Many Laotians believe it is inhabited by a seven-headed nāga who tried to protect them from an invasion by the Siamese army in 1827.
  • Almost 3000 Laotians have studied in the former GDR and today the German Academic Exchange Service awards scholarships to Laotian students.
  • Through the Colombo Plan, a small number of Laotians came to Australia, primarily as students.
  • The deputy abbot of Wat Lao Buddhavong in Virginia acknowledged that “this event is historic and brings recognition and visibility that all Laotians can be proud of”.
  • She is recipient of Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2015 for the passion for her silk weaving skill that revived and developed the ancient Laotian art creating livelihoods for thousands of poor and war-displaced Laotians.
  • The most common and well-known way of eating Lao grilled sticky rice is with egg coating, but Laotians have been known to eat plain grilled sticky rice with a sprinkle of salt, or even coated in padaek, the traditional Lao fermented fish sauce.
  • Since ancient times, Laos has been against Siamese territorial expansions although both shared the similar religion and there was even a request from Laotians to the French colonial authorities for a recovery of lost territory on the Khorat Plateau and of the Emerald Buddha from Siam.
  • 0% (5/20) of a sample of Laotians from Luang Prabang and 5.0% (1/20) of a sample of Laotians from Vientiane.
  • Of the Southeast Asians in Chicago, most of them are Vietnamese. Some of them are Laotians.
  • Nong Het has a turbulent history of battles between the Ly and Moua warriors, Red Laotians and the Hmong.
  • The majority of the temple community consists of Thais, Cambodians, and Laotians.
  • The dish has spread to Northeastern Thailand (Isan) and the rest of Thailand when Laotians and ethnic Lao from the Isan region migrated to Bangkok for work.
  • In the reign of King Nangklao, Rama III, Phra Intha-asa, The Governor of Phanat Nikhom I (Princely member of Nakhon Phanom royal family) took many immigrants (Nakhon Phanom Laotians, Named Lao Asa Pak Nam) from Samut Prakan and New Nakhon Phanom Laotians to Phanat Nikhom.
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