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Latitudinarianism [also spelled latitudinarianism]
Latitudinarianismus {m}
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  • During his tenure at Harvard he regularly stamped out any relaxation of Puritan strictness, such as latitudinarianism, which had flourished during his overseas absence.
  • The term was introduced into discussions of "de dicto" and "de re" attitudes by Roderick Chisholm in his "Knowledge and Belief: 'De Dicto' and 'De Re'" (1976). Latitudinarianism has since also sometimes been called an "unrestricted exportation" view.
  • Together with his friend John Jebb, bishop of Limerick, Knox developed a distinctive style of high-churchmanship (evidenced in his theology of sacraments) which also respected strains in evangelicalism, Methodism and seventeenth-century latitudinarianism.
  • He is considered a typical product of eighteenth-century latitudinarianism, and their lack of zeal paved the way for the differing responses of both the Evangelicals and the Oxford Movement in the early 19th century.
  • While the production was praised by two Richmond newspapers, an editorial in the afternoon "Richmond News Leader" criticized Fowler for "latitudinarianism".
  • The same years witnessed a literary controversy with Karl Immanuel Nitzsch over the question of the Union and confessional latitudinarianism, a controversy in which Kahnis sought to demonstrate the lack of doctrinal unity prevailing among the supporters of the movement.
  • Latitudinarianism was initially a pejorative term applied to a group of 17th-century English theologians who believed in conforming to official Church of England practices but who felt that matters of doctrine, liturgical practice, and ecclesiastical organization were of relatively little importance.
  • Coxe was a strenuous opponent of latitudinarianism in doctrine and practice, and upheld the rights and privileges of the clergy.
  • He was an opponent of latitudinarianism, associated with Henry Dodwell, George Hickes, Thomas Hearne and John Edwards.
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