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NOUN   Latium | -
SYNO Latium | Lazio
Latium {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Latium' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Latium {n}geogr.
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  • Ficoroni was born near Lugnano, in the "comune" of Valmontone, Latium.
  • The "Latium line" comprises wines from Montefiascone in the Viterbo province in Latium, and the "Umbria line" comprises wines produced in the Montecchio and Orvieto area.
  • Regillus was an ancient lake of Latium, Italy, famous in the legendary history of Rome as the lake in the neighborhood of which occurred (in 496 B.C.) the Battle of Lake Regillus between the Romans and the Latins which finally decided the hegemony of Rome in Latium.
  • Latium and Campania together comprise Region I, of which Latium is divided into Latium Vetus or Antiquus and Latium Adiectum or Novum.
  • News of Gallic tribes in Latium had been common towards the end of 359 BC.
  • In July 2006 Ultraframe was acquired by Latium Plastic Holdings, including the Wendland Roofing system.
  • Anzio lies about 58 km south of Rome in the region of Latium.
  • Vitellia was an ancient town of Latium in central Italy.
  • Corbio was an ancient town of Latium in central Italy.
  • The Aequi had invaded Latium, and Veturius marched there to meet the enemy at the request of the Latin allies of Rome, rather than allowing the Latins to arm themselves.
  • Nearly all Campana reliefs are from Central Italy, especially Latium.
  • Apiolae (also Appiolae) was a town in ancient Latium, Italy.
  • Politorium was a town in ancient Latium, Italy.
  • Medullia was a town in ancient Latium, Italy.
  • Caenina was a town nearby ancient Rome, in Latium.
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