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Masora {f}
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Masora {f}bibl.relig.
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  • Close to 10 volumes of the Masorah L'Yosef journal have been published which include essays by authors of various persuasions that deal with Maimonides' and Rabbi Yosef Qafih's teachings.
  • He dealt with Hebrew grammar, Masorah, theology, and philosophy, and knew Arabic and Greek well.
  • Only certain species of quail are considered kosher. The Orthodox Union certifies "Coturnix coturnix" as kosher based upon the masorah of Rabbi Shlomo Zev Zweigenhaft.
  • He was also the first to attack Heinrich Graetz's criticism of the Biblical text, and to defend the Masorah.
  • Especially noteworthy are the Masoretic remarks on the division into verses, and on Qere and Ketiv, which do not entirely agree with the present Masorah (37b-38a).
  • He made a special study of the Masorah and was well versed in the regulations concerning the writing of scrolls of the Law, whence his name "Landsofer."
  • Referring to a Bible manuscript then in Egypt, Maimonides wrote: "All relied on it, since it was corrected by ben Asher and was worked on and analyzed by him for many years, and was proofread many times in accordance with the masorah, and I based myself on this manuscript in the Sefer Torah that I wrote".
  • The current system of cantillation notes has its historical roots in the Tiberian masorah. The cantillation signs are included in Unicode as characters U+0591 through U+05AF in the Hebrew block.
  • Dobsewitch left several works in manuscript, including one on the Masorah, one on the Samaritan text of the Pentateuch, and one on the wit and humor of ancient Jewish literature.
  • Israel Yeivin (Hebrew: ישראל ייבין) (born January 7, 1923 in Berlin – died December 19, 2008) was an Israeli linguist, scholar of Masorah and the Hebrew language.
  • Consulting work for the Masorah is being done by Aron Dotan, Tel Aviv University, [...].
  • Nehardea is famous in the history of the Masorah because of an ancient tradition relating to the number of verses in the Bible; it is here said that Hamnuna brought this tradition from Nehardea, where he had received it from Naḳḳai.
  • From the Hebrew word "masorah" [...] "tradition"." Originally "masoret", [...] a word found in Book of Ezekiel 20:37 (there from אסר "to bind" for "fetters").
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