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Morse function
Morsefunktion {f}
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Übersetzung für 'Morse function' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Morse function
Morsefunktion {f}math.
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  • Here the parameter "t" plays the role of a Morse function.
  • Part of the significance of these results is from Smale's theorem asserting that the gradient flow of any Morse function can be arbitrarily well approximated by a Morse–Smale system without closed orbits.
  • When "f" is a Morse function on "M", -"f" is also a Morse function. The corresponding handle decomposition / presentation is called the dual decomposition.
  • could possess (this should be compared with the result in Morse theory that shows that the sum of the Betti numbers is a lower bound for the number of critical points of a Morse function).
  • Suppose that "f" is a Morse function on an ("n" + 1)-dimensional manifold, and suppose that "c" is a critical value with exactly one critical point in its preimage.
  • is a Morse function if it has no degenerate critical points.
  • Edward Witten gave an explanation of these inequalities by using the Morse function to modify the exterior derivative in the de Rham complex.
  • A Morse function [...] induces a handle decomposition of "W", i.e., if there is a single critical point of index "k" in [...] , then the ascending cobordism [...] is obtained from [...] by attaching a "k"-handle.
  • Given a Morse function [...] and for a small enough [...] one can construct a Lagrangian submanifold given by the vanishing locus [...].
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