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NOUN   Musca [constellation] | -
SYNO genus Musca | Musca
Musca <Mus> [constellation]
Fliege {f} [lat. Musca] <Mus> [Sternbild]
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Übersetzung für 'Musca' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Musca <Mus> [constellation]
Fliege {f} [lat. Musca] <Mus> [Sternbild]astron.
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  • Muscicapa comes from the Latin "musca" meaning a fly and "capere" to catch.
  • The word "Muscicapa" comes from the Latin "musca", a fly and "capere", to catch.
  • The original species name of "Musca rosae" (Fabricius in "Entomologia systematica emendata et aucta" (1794)) was originally occupied by "Musca rosae" (De Geer 1776), which was itself a synonym for the hoverfly species "Musca pyrastri" Linnaeus, 1758 (now "Scaeva pyrastri").
  • When house flies ("Musca domestica") encounter an aversive stimulus, they jump rapidly and fly away from the stimulus.
  • The housefly, "Musca domestica", is the best known and most important species.
  • The host star TOI-1227 is part of a subgroup of the Lower Centaurus Crux OB association, sometimes called B, A0 and called Musca group by the scientists that discovered TOI-1227 b.
  • The "musca depicta" is a recurring topic in the 2019 film, "The Burnt Orange Heresy". The main character, an art dealer, explains to a woman he meets that it signifies corruption.
  • The word "Muscicapa" comes from the Latin "musca", a fly and "capere", to catch.
  • He is a frequent collaborator with film producer Tom Musca.
  • The cloud is sometimes extended with an eastern part, and together with the distinctively long Dark Doodad Nebula (or Musca nebula) to the north the complex is called the "Musca-Chamaeleonis Molecular Cloud".
  • It has also been called the Musca nebula and grouped as the Musca-Chamaeleonis Molecular Cloud.
  • The scientific name of this species was published as "Musca horticola" in 1776 by Charles De Geer.
  • The falconer's name for a male Eurasian sparrowhawk is a "musket"; this is derived from the Latin word "musca", meaning 'a fly', via the Old French word "moschet".
  • "Muscavirus" is a genus of viruses, in the family "Hytrosaviridae".
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