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SYNO nonrapid eye movement | nonrapid eye movement sleep | NREM | ...
non-REM phase <NREM phase>
Non-REM-Phase {f} <NREM-Phase>
non-REM phase <NREM phase>
Nicht-REM-Phase {f} <NREM-Phase>
non-REM sleep <NREM sleep>
Non-REM-Schlaf {m} <NREM-Schlaf>
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  • During NREM sleep, we move through three sleep stages, with each progressively deeper than the last.
  • There are several different stages of sleep, but only two separate types, REM (or rapid-eye movement) and NREM (non-rapid eye movement).
  • This tends to happen most between the shift between waking and NREM, and between NREM and REM sleep.
  • In addition, tau knockout mice have abnormal sleep-wake cycle, with increased wakefulness periods and decreased non-rapid eye movements (NREM) sleep time.
  • Furthermore, the transition between NREM and REM sleep was shown to correspond to sharp alterations in SCN firing patterns.
  • Sleep can be broadly split into the lighter "rapid eye movement" (REM) and deeper "non-rapid eye movement" (NREM).
  • In rats, after a 24-hour sleep deprivation, it was found that there was an increase of slow-wave activity in NREM sleep, which corresponds directly with the human brain which when sleep deprived, prioritizes NREM sleep over REM sleep, implying that the NREM sleep is responsible for regulating and compensating for missed sleep.
  • It allows the different stages of sleep: rapid eye movement sleep (REM) and non-rapid eye movement sleep (NREM) to be identified during the sleep cycle.
  • NREM sleep can be described as the stages of sleep that show greatly decreased brain activity.
  • Judges are able to differentiate unaltered REM and NREM dream reports, while some subjects are able to discern whether they themselves had been awakened from REM or NREM.
  • It occurs during both REM and NREM stages of sleep though its time is slightly delayed.
  • These neurons actively fire during non-REM (NREM) sleep.
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