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nonribosomal peptide <NRP>
nichtribosomales Peptid {n} <NRP>
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Übersetzung für 'NRP' von Englisch nach Deutsch

nonribosomal peptide <NRP>
nichtribosomales Peptid {n} <NRP>biol.
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  • In July 2008, NRP was one of three minor parties which opposed an amendment of the interim constitution, enabling the formation of a government by simple majority in the Constituent Assembly.
  • The NRF formally replaced the National Response Plan (NRP) on March 22, 2008, sixty days after its publication in the "Federal Register".
  • NRP officers in a patrol function are issued 4x4 police pickup trucks.
  • Neuropilins (NRP) are pleiotropic receptors and therefore other molecules may interfere with the signalling of the NRP/VEGFR receptor complexes.
  • The pleiotropic nature of the NRP receptors results in their involvement in cellular processes, such as axon guidance and angiogenesis, the immune response and remyelination.
  • However, some argue the NRP is not impartial at all.
  • Four Portuguese frigates – the NRP Afonso de Albuquerque, the NRP Bartolomeu Dias, the NRP João de Lisboa and the NRP Gonçalves Zarco – were deployed to patrol the waters off Goa, Daman and Diu, along with several patrol boats (Lancha de Fiscalização).
  • When voting took place in July, the NRP won two parliamentary seats.
  • Some Armada units joined, including the cruiser "NRP Carvalho Araújo", under the command of commander João Manuel de Carvalho and the gunboat "NRP Ibo".
  • Northern Rhodesia Police (NRP) became the Zambia Police.
  • In 1922 he was in charge of the navigation cruiser "NRP República" (of the Carvalho Araújo class) during the first air crossing of the South Atlantic by Gago Coutinho and Sacadura Cabral from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro.
  • In 2002, the NRP "Albatroz" and NRP "Açor" were transferred to the FDTL, becoming the first craft in its Naval Component.
  • NRP "Rio Minho" is a patrol vessel designed by the Portuguese Navy to conduct patrol missions in shallow waters.
  • Six transferred to the Portuguese Navy in 1949 under the MDAP ("Mutual Defense and Assistance Program") PC-812 as NRP "Maio", PC-811 as NRP "Madeira", PC-1257 as NRP "Santiago", PC-809 as "NRP Sal", PC-1256 as NRP "São Tomé" and PC-1259 as NRP "São Vicente".
  • Two independents, Kazuyuki Hamada and Tatsuo Hirano, joined the NRP's caucus in the House of Councillors on July 24, and the NRP upper house caucus was renamed "New Renaissance Party and Group of Independents" (新党改革・無所属の会, NRP-GI).
  • Levy was elected head of the Ashkelon branch of Hapoel HaMizrachi, which later formed the National Religious Party (NRP), of which he became a member of the central committee.
  • For a brief period during the 10th Knesset, Hammer and Yehuda Ben-Meir broke away from the NRP and formed a new faction, Gesher – Zionist Religious Centre; however, they returned to the NRP after two weeks.
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