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retinoblastoma protein <pRb, RB, RB1>
Retinoblastom-Protein {n} <pRb, Rb>
penile ring block <PRB>
Penisringblock {m}
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  • There is a variant, the PRB M3409, which has waterproof capabilities can be placed in shallow waters, it is probably the predecessor to the PRB M3 antitank mine.
  • The retinoblastoma protein (pRb) is involved in the regulation of cyclin A through its interaction with E2F.
  • Also leaving the roster, Preben "prb" Gammelsæter.
  • In 1961, PRB rejected the proposal for membership in federation with Malaysia, proposed by Malaya's Prime Minister, Tunku Abdul Rahman even though the government of Brunei was favourable to the federation.
  • SV40 large TAg, other polyomavirus large T antigens, adenovirus E1a proteins, and oncogenic human papillomavirus E7 proteins share a structural motif that encodes a high-affinity pRb-binding domain.
  • It was designed by Belgian company PRB, with Mecar taking over production after PRB closed. Made by PRB it was known both as the PRB 423 and the M72.
  • In 1966 PRB and Cooppal create a 50:50 joint venture Eurofoam, focusing on polyurethane and throughout the 1970s PRB develops its chemical industry interests.
  • The key component for assessing the success of a PRB is whether it satisfactorily removes the contaminants.
  • In summary, many new findings about pRb's resistance to CDK phosphorylation are emerging in pRb research and shedding light on novel roles of pRb beyond cell cycle regulation.
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