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NOUN1   a Pakeha | Pakehas
NOUN2   pakeha | pakehas / pakeha
Pakeha [NZ]
[europäischer Neuseeländer]
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Übersetzung für 'Pakeha' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Pakeha [NZ]
[europäischer Neuseeländer]ethn.
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  • The mental capacities of senior chiefs and tohunga like Patuone would astound early pakeha explorers and lead to much comment.
  • In New Zealand, the flu killed an estimated 6,400 Pakeha (or "New Zealanders primarily of European descent") and 2,500 indigenous Maori in six weeks, with Māori dying at eight times the rate of Pakeha.
  • After Tawhiao's death and sales to Pakeha farmers, by the early 1900s Pukekawa became a Pakeha rural settlement.
  • The day before "Orpheus" was wrecked a pakeha settler felled the tree and used the wood for fence posts.
  • His pakeha biological father had no involvement with him, and his Maori mother Molly Daphne Hirini has said that her Tainui tribe frowned on mixed-race children.
  • In New Zealand, a localized relationship to the concept, frequently termed Pakeha privilege, due to the legacy of the colonizing Pākehā settlers, has developed.
  • It's my contention that as the pakeha are unable to express their ethnicity and coherently argue their case - in fear of being racist - they instead sneak around and throw rocks through bedroom windows."
  • Most of the Māori sitters in Beetham's portraits are pictured in formal European dress as many of the younger chiefs had grown up among pakeha and adopted their European dress and hairstyles.
  • "Puha and Pakeha" is a 1960s New Zealand novelty song, written and performed by Rod Derrett.
  • Four of the stories are about settlers and the other three is about Maori and Maori-pakeha/ European relations.
  • The King Country had an alcohol ban from when the predominantly Māori area was opened to pakeha in 1883 to 1953.
  • At the September 2015 Education Review Office (ERO) review of the school, HIBS had 653 students. Most of the students identified themselves as New Zealand European (Pākehā). The ethnic composition was 76% New Zealand European (Pākehā), 7% Māori, and 17% as other ethnic groups.
  • The film addresses mistrust and prejudice between Pākehā and Māori in New Zealand, portraying a romance between a Pākehā man and a Māori woman. The film was somewhat controversial at its release.
  • Today the Diocese of Auckland is one of seven dioceses of the Tikanga Pākehā (Pākehā culture) stream of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia. The diocese covers the area stretching from North Cape south to the Waikato River, across the Hauraki Plains and including the Coromandel Peninsula.
  • Steps towards Pākehā (European) settlement in the area began in 1839, when Colonel William Wakefield arrived to purchase land for the New Zealand Company to sell to prospective British settlers. Prior to this time, the Māori inhabitants had had contact with Pākehā whalers and traders.
  • Her books include At school I've Got a Chance': Pacific Islands and Pākehā girls at school" (1991), "He Kōrero: Words Between Us: First Māori Pākehā conversations on paper" (2011), and "Tuai: A Traveller in Two Worlds" (2017) which won the 2018 Ockham New Zealand Book Award for Illustrated Non-Fiction. Her 2020 memoir, "This Pākehā Life," was shortlisted for the 2021 Ockham New Zealand Book Award (General Nonfiction).
  • The species and subspecies marked extinct became extinct subsequent to humans' arrival in the Chatham Islands. About two thirds of the extinctions occurred after the arrival of Māori but before the arrival of "pākehā" (European New Zealanders) and the rest since "pākehā" arrived.
  • The Pākehā students also wore grass skirts and carried mock taiaha, The powerful imagery of Hilda publicly challenging the Pākehā students acted as a catalyst for future Māori led protests and was used in ‘Anti-Racism Week’ (ca. 1979–80) posters on campus.
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