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Pamir (River)
Pamir {m} [Fluss]
Pamir Mountains {pl}
Pamir {m} [auch {n}] [Gebirge]
Pamir sheep [Ovis ammon polii]
Katschkar {n}
Pamir sheep [Ovis ammon polii]
Marco-Polo-Schaf {n}
Pamir sheep [Ovis ammon polii]
Pamir-Argali {m} {n}
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  • It is crossed by the Pamir Highway which leads south from Sary-Tash in the Alay Valley up onto the Pamir plateau toward Karakol Lake and Murghab, Tajikistan.
  • In Tajikistan a similar but somewhat distinct "rubab-i-pamir" (Pamiri rubab) is played, employing a shallower body and neck.
  • With the completion in 1937, in Soviet era, of the construction of a highway connecting the cities of Osh and Khorog, the Old Pamir Highway became an integral part of the large Pamir Highway.
  • The higher elevations in the Pamir-Alay are in the Pamir alpine desert and tundra ecoregion, and heavily glaciated.
  • Until 1978, the northeastern portion of Wakhan (the Great Pamir and the Little Pamir) was home to about 3,000-5,000 ethnic Kyrgyz.
  • Chaqmaqtin Lake lies towards the western end of the Little Pamir valley.
  • During his work at the Pamir Biostation, Khudoyor Yusufbekov strengthened the material and technical base of the biological station with trucks, laboratory equipment, and chemical reagents in order to improve the conditions of the Pamir expeditionary survey and continued to improve methods for improving the desert and steppe pastures of the Pamir-Alay, by studying the structure of vegetation, and the topographical and ecological conditions of high-mountain pastures in a wide geographical and high-altitude range.
  • The German-Soviet Alay-Pamir Expedition (also known as the German-Russian Alay-Pamir Expedition) was undertaken in 1928 by the Academy of Sciences of the USSR and the Emergency Association of German Science.
  • FC Lokomotiv-Pamir is a Tajik football club based in Dushanbe originally founded in 1961 as Lokomotiv Dushanbe.
  • Nearly 1,100 of these were accepted by Turkey to settle in Ulupamir (or “Great Pamir” in Kyrgyz), their resettlement village in Van Province.
  • Ulupamir (meaning "Great Pamir") is a village of mostly Kyrgyz.
  • On 5 January 2019, Khojayev was appointed as the new manager of CSKA Pamir Dushanbe. On 23 June 2019, Khojayev resigned as manager of CSKA Pamir Dushanbe.
  • In 1984, the pamir and surrounding area was designated Taxkorgan Nature Reserve. Chalachigu Valley, an offshoot of the Taxkorgan Valley is the only place in China where Marco Polo sheep can be found.
  • Shimshal is the largest village of Hunza valley. Its extensive pasture lands include; Shimshal Pamir, Gujerav, Yazghail and Loopghar. The Shimshal Pamir lake attracts many tourists to it.
  • The Pamirid race, also Pamir-Fergana race (Russian [...] , named for the Pamir range and the Fergana valley), is the most Eastern subrace of the Europid race, a racial category is now considered to be obsolete.
  • "Bactrianoscythris pamirica" is a moth of the family Scythrididae.
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