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NOUN   a Pashtun | Pashtuns
SYNO Pashtoon | Pashtun | Pathan | ...
Paschtune {m}
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Paschtune {m}ethn.
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  • Pashtunization (...), also called Pathanization, is a process of cultural or linguistic change in which someone or something non-Pashtun becomes acculturated to Pashtun influence.
  • He is the convener of "Pashtun Ulasi Qaumi Jirga" ("Pashtun National Council").
  • Ethnic background: Nearly all population of Serkanay District are pashtun people with a small number of gujars.
  • He is the chief of the pashtun Nasar tribe, who have many members in Pakistan and he commands a strong influence and respect in his native province of Balochistan.
  • Pashtun culture (...) is based on Pashtunwali, as well as speaking of the Pashto language and wearing Pashtun dress.
  • Pakhtunkhwa, Pakhtoonkhwa, Pukhtunkhwa or Pashtunkhwa (...) has often been the name used by the Pashtun people for the Pashtunized and Pashtun-dominated areas of Pakistan.
  • The Ahmadzai (Pashto: احمدزی) is a Pashtun subtribe of the Ghilji confederacy. Ahmadzai Pashtun tribe is a Powandah tribe and are traditional nomadic merchant warriors.
  • The State of Bhopal was established by Dost Mohammad Khan (1672–1728), a pashtun soldier in the Mughal Army.
  • The Kandahari ( Khamak) is mainly used for decorating pashtun clothing, many linens such as pillow covers and tablecloths and scarves and shawls.
  • They wear pashtun traditional dress shalwar kameez.
  • is a Pakistani Pashtun politician who is the co-founder of a human rights movement, Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM).
  • According to gazettes of British Raj during 1800s, Miana are Afghans from sarbani pashtun tribe.
  • Manzoor Ahmad Pashteen (Pashto: منظور احمد پښتين, Urdu: منظور احمد پشتین) is a Pakistani Pashtun human rights activist from South Waziristan.
  • Khamal Khel" is the sub-tribe of the Swati (Pashtun tribe) tribe of Pashtun peoples.
  • Khoshi Mahtab is an ethnically pashtun people singer, who was born in Kabul, Afghanistan, singing in both Dari (Persian) and Pashto.
  • Girdi Kas villagers are 100% Pashtun. The population of two sub-areas (Girdi Kas Kelay and Girdi Kas Dag Kelay) is from Mohmand tribe, and the people of Wahdat sub-areas are Pashtun tribes (320 families) from Mohmand.
  • Mohammad Abubakar Durrani hails from the ethnic Pashtun Sadduzai tribe, section of the Popalzai sub clan of Durrani Abdali Pashtun tribe, Mohammad Umar Durrani is his younger brother.
  • Pashtuns are also stereotyped as 'wild and barbaric' in Afghanistan by non-Pashtun Afghans and by some other Pashtun Sub-Tribes.
  • The channel is available on satellite to the pashtun population of Asia and Middle East.
  • Rice dishes and kebabs feature prominently in Pashtun cuisine.
  • In the wake of the Persian invasion, Sialkot fell under the control of Pashtun powerful families from Multan and Afghanistan – the Kakayzais and Sherwanis.
  • The Babi Tribe is a pashtun tribe which originates from eastern Afghanistan and western regions of Pakistan.
  • The territory is inhabited mostly by the Pashtun people, although there are some Tajiks. The Zadran tribe is believed to be the predominant Pashtun tribe living in the K-G Pass area.
  • Born in Khyber Agency during the British Raj, Ayub grew up in a Pashtun family, Landi Kotal, the principal city located around the Khyber Pass, and was an ethnic Pashtun belonging to the Afridi tribe of Zakha Khel.
  • From a more limited, ethnological point of view, "Afḡhān" is the term by which the Persian-speakers of Afghanistan (and the non-Pashtō-speaking ethnic groups generally) designate the Pashtūn. The equation Afghans = Pashtūn has been propagated all the more, both in and beyond Afghanistan, because the Pashtūn tribal confederation is by far has maintained its hegemony in the country, numerically and politically.
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