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Percheron {n} [französische Kaltblutpferderasse]
Percheron (horse)
Percheron {n}
Percheron horse
Percheronpferd {n}
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  • He had two stock farms, one in Wauwatosa and one in Calhoun for raising Percheron horses. The original stock had been imported by him from France.
  • In 1885, the writer Gaston Percheron suggested the lop-eared cat might be a hybrid between the cat and a marten.
  • By the time that Samuel de Champlain died in 1635, there were 132 settlers in the colony, —35 of them being Percheron.
  • Another well-known magistral work is the "Monographie des Cétoines et genres voisins", published with Achille Rémy Percheron.
  • Achille Rémy Percheron (25 January 1797 Paris – 1869) was a French entomologist. He listed, in "Bibliographie entomologique" more than 5 000 authors and 500 anonymous contributions.
  • 6 Percheron Mare, 1938. Oil on Canvas, 76 x 91.5.
  • In the film Mona Lisa one of the characters is reading "The Deadly Percheron" and makes several conversational references to it.
  • Edward Harris introduced the Percheron horse to America in 1839 and established the first Percheron breeding line in the United States.
  • Previous projects included designs of the Phoenix SSTO, the Percheron, and other rockets, founder of Pacific American Launch Systems, and various consulting projects.
  • Horses in "ban'ei" are often either purebred or crossbred variations of Belgian, Breton, or Percheron draft horses. Their weight can surpass one ton, twice the weight of a thoroughbred.
  • It was chaired by April 13, 2001 to 2014 by socialist Daniel Percheron.
  • He served on the Regional Council of Nord-Pas-de-Calais from 2000 to 2012, he is vice-president of high schools from 2004 and learning from 2010, chaired by Daniel Percheron.
  • Mays continues to volunteer at elementary, middle and high schools. She continues to raise her three children, two dogs, an evil cat, and a Percheron mare.
  • The artery of Percheron was first described in 1973 by the French medical scientist Gerard Percheron.
  • Rathje owned several cattle and grain farms in rural Illinois. He served as President of the Percheron Horse Association of America and was a member of the Saddle and Sirloin club.
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