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Purkinje effect
Purkinje-Effekt {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Purkinje effect' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Purkinje effect
Purkinje-Effekt {m}optics
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  • This is known as the Purkinje effect. and these studies consistently demonstrate a different relationship to that suggested by Kruithof.
  • Light levels may also affect perceived chromaticity, as with the Purkinje effect.
  • The reason for this is the Purkinje effect, i.e., the cones do not function as efficiently in dim light, so red objects appear to be black.
  • The color of moonlight, particularly around full moon, appears bluish to the human eye compared to other, brighter light sources due to the Purkinje effect.
  • Camouflage experts have noted that the colour may make ships more obvious as a result of the Purkinje effect.
  • Due to the insensitivity of night vision to red and a slow adaption of the red sensitive eye rods to the light of the stars, astronomers making magnitude estimates of red variable stars, especially carbon stars, have to know how to deal with the Purkinje effect in order not to underestimate the magnitude of the observed star.
  • In this process, the eye's perception of color changes as well (this is called the Purkinje effect).
  • The moonlit sky is not perceived as blue, however, because at low light levels human vision comes mainly from rod cells that do not produce any color perception (Purkinje effect).
  • This is responsible for the Purkinje effect: as intensity dims at twilight, the rods take over, and before color disappears completely, peak sensitivity of vision shifts towards the rods' peak sensitivity (blue-green).
  • This is known as the Purkinje effect, and arises because the peak sensitivity of the human eye shifts toward the blue end of the spectrum at lower light levels.
  • Because of the increased sensitivity of the human eye to blue and green wavelengths when viewing low-luminances (the Purkinje effect) in the night sky, different sources produce dramatically different amounts of visible skyglow from the same amount of light sent into the atmosphere.
  • To give but one aspect to consider, there is the Purkinje effect: the human eye's response to color depends on the level of ambient light; red objects appear to darken faster than blue objects as the level of illumination goes down.
  • The Purkinje effect ([...]; sometimes called the Purkinje shift, often incorrectly pronounced [...]) is the tendency for the peak luminance sensitivity of the eye to shift toward the blue end of the color spectrum at low illumination levels as part of dark adaptation.
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