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NOUN   a Q-factor | Q-factors
Q factor
Güte {f}
Gütefaktor {m}
quality factor <Q, QF>Bewertungs­faktor {m}
quality factor <Q>
Qualitätsfaktor {m} <Q>
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  • In Q methodology, Stephenson, a student of Spearman, distinguish between "R" factor analysis, oriented toward the study of inter-individual differences, and "Q" factor analysis oriented toward subjective intra-individual differences.
  • The Q factor is a parameter that describes the resonance behavior of an underdamped harmonic oscillator (resonator).
  • Each individual longitudinal mode has some bandwidth or narrow range of frequencies over which it operates, but typically this bandwidth, determined by the "Q" factor of the cavity (see Fabry–Pérot interferometer), is much smaller than the intermode frequency separation.
  • If the reflectivity is high, resulting in a high Q factor, monochromatic light produces a set of narrow bright rings against a dark background.
  • The shell width influences the Q factor or tread of the bike.
  • The disadvantage is this may increase the Q-factor of the stoker's cranks and may also cause "heel-strike" of the stoker's shoes on the chain stays.
  • Examples that normally have a low Q factor include door closers (Q=0.5). Systems with high Q factors include tuning forks (Q=1000), atomic clocks and lasers (Q≈1011).
  • Raising frequency by scratching off parts of the electrodes is not advised as this may damage the crystal and lower its Q factor.
  • Operating at a lower frequency, IF filters can give narrower passbands at the same Q factor than an equivalent RF filter.
  • The left side spline interface looks similar, but is different so as to prevent installation of older ISIS Drive crankarms—which are no longer compatible because Q-factor and chain line cannot be maintained using these older cranks with an external bearing BB.
  • Self-oscillation occurs when the resonance or Q factor of the cutoff frequency of the filter is set high enough that the internal feedback causes the filter circuitry to become a sine tone sine wave oscillator.
  • As long as the Q-factor is not too low, damping does not result in a lower sensitivity.
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