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NOUN   a Q-cycle | Q-cycles
Q-Zyklus {m}
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Übersetzung für 'Q-cycle' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Q-Zyklus {m}biochem.
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  • The Q cycle is a process that occurs in cytochrome b, a component of Complex III in the electron transport chain, and that converts ubiquinol to ubiquinone in a cyclic fashion.
  • The Q cycle (named for "quinol") describes a series of reactions that describe how the sequential oxidation and reduction of the lipophilic electron carrier, Coenzyme Q (CoQ), between the ubiquinol and ubiquinone forms, can result in the net movement of protons across a lipid bilayer (in the case of the mitochondria, the inner mitochondrial membrane).
  • Mechanisms are based on energy-induced conformational changes of the protein structure or on the Q cycle.
  • Mitochondrial "Complex III" uses this second type of proton pump, which is mediated by a quinone (the Q cycle).
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