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Qatar <.qa>
Katar {n}
quality assurance <QA>
Qualitätszusicherung {f} [Qualitätssicherung]
quality assurance <QA>
Qualitätssicherung {f} <QS>
quality audit <QA>
Qualitätsanhörung {f} [selten]
QA procedure instruction
QS-Verfahrensanweisung {f}
quality assurance (department) <QA>Prüfungs­abteilung {f}
quality assurance plan <QA plan, QAP>
Qualitätssicherungs­plan {m} <QS-Plan, QSP>
quality assurance staff {sg} <QA staff>
QS-Mitarbeiter {pl}
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  • Abū al-Baqa Hamza Al-Qa'im (...), (died 1458) was the thirteenth Abbasid caliph of Cairo for the Mamluk Sultanate between 1451 and 1455.
  • The domains that are registered directly from the Qatar Domains Registry are : .gov.qa, .mil.qa, .org.qa, .edu.qa and .sch.qa.
  • Debate exists on Abu Ja'far's birth name. The majority position states that he was Yazid ibn al-Qa'qa', while others say that his name was Jundub ibn Fairuz. He was born in Medina in 655 CE.
  • One of the unrestored structures, a former "qa'ids residence dating in particular from the time of Qa'id Hammadi (in office 1882– 1939), has particularly rich decoration including carved stucco, wall paintings, and ornate arches which were influenced by the architecture of Morocco's imperial cities.
  • The "qa" sign usage in the "Epic of Gilgamesh" is as follows: "qa"-(109 times).
  • Genes "qa-1F", "qa-1S" and the DNA binding sequence of "qa-1F" form the basis of the Q-system.
  • The tomb of one of Qa'a's state officials at Saqqara—a certain nobleman named Merka—contained a stele with many titles.
  • Meanwhile, at the end of the second day, Bahman Jaduya, Sassanid right-wing commander, were killed by al-Qa'qa.
  • An example of the combined use of the topic and focus-evidential particles can be the sentence: "chay wasi-qa hatun-mi" 'that house (near you) is big'.
  • This town is the location of Al Qa'qaa, a major industrial facility and the location of the Al Qa'qaa high explosives controversy.
  • The plural clitic is "qa".
  • The Timeline of Al Qa&#39;qaa high explosives lists events regarding the storage and subsequent removal of high explosives at Al Qa'qaa in Iraq, leading to the Al Qa'qaa high explosives controversy.
  • Mirza Isa Farahani, commonly known as Mirza Bozorg Qa'em-Maqam (also spelled Qa'em-Maqam I; died 1820/1), was an Iranian official, who played a leading role in the politics of early 19th-century Qajar Iran.
  • Mirza Abol-Qasem Qa'em-Maqam Farahani (also spelled Qa'im Maqam; [...]; 1779 &ndash; 1835), also known as Qa'em-Maqam II, was an Iranian official and prose writer, who played a central role in Iranian politics in first half of the 19th-century, as well as in Persian literature.
  • The Al Qa'qaa' State Establishment ([...] "al-Qa’qā’"; also Romanized "al Qa Qaa", "al Qa'qa") was a massive weapons facility 48 kilometres (30 miles) south of Baghdad.
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