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quadrature amplitude modulation <QAM>
Quadraturamplitudenmodulation {f} <QAM>
quality assurance manager <QAM>
Manager {m} der Qualitätssicherung
quality assurance manager <QAM>
Qualitätssicherungs­manager {m} <QSM>
quality assurance manager <QAM>
Manager {m} (für) Qualitätswesen [Manager für die Qualitätssicherung, Quality-Assurance-Manager]
quality assurance manager <QAM> [female]
Qualitätssicherungs­managerin {f} <QSM>
quality assurance manual <QAM>
Qualitätssicherungs­handbuch {n} <QSH>
quality-assurance measure <QAM>
Qualitätssicherungs­maßnahme {f} <QSM>
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  • Quechua also adds the suffix "-kuna" to the second and third person singular pronouns "qam" and "pay" to create the plural forms, "qam-kuna" and "pay-kuna".
  • Kordia and Johnson Dick and Associates (JDA) maintain a terrestrial network of 64-QAM and 256-QAM capable transmitters around New Zealand.
  • Many cable providers offer few or no details about unencrypted QAM channels.
  • generally prefer to use 256-QAM to transmit HDTV.
  • QAM demodulation requires a coherent receiver.
  • The same relationship holds true for M-QAM.
  • These packets are carried on data streams that are typically modulated onto a TV channel using either 64-QAM or 256-QAM versions of quadrature amplitude modulation.
  • In July 2021, Jazz upgraded its existing LTE network to LTE-A Pro, with the introduction of 256-QAM and Massive MIMO.
  • 64-QAM and 256-QAM are often used in digital cable television and cable modem applications.
  • Pay-channel broadcasting was DVB-T2 256-QAM transport via UHF channel 30 (546 MHz) or 31 (554 MHz). This was separate from the DVB-T 64-QAM transports used by Freeview.
  • 222 transports for HDTV (1080i) channels use DVB-T2 256-QAM modulation.
  • Tables assume 256-QAM modulation for downstream and 64-QAM for upstream on DOCSIS 3.0, and 4096-QAM modulation for OFDM/OFDMA (first downstream/upstream methods) on DOCSIS 3.1, although real-world data rates may be lower due to variable modulation depending on SNR.
  • The 3GPP standards Release 12 added support for 256-QAM.
  • 1 Mbit/s on an 8 MHz channel bandwidth when using 4096-QAM modulation; future extensions will allow up to 97 Mbit/s and 110.8 Mbit/s per channel using 16384-QAM and 65536-AQAM modulation.
  • ATSC and DVB-T specify the modulation used for over-the-air digital television; by comparison, QAM is the modulation method used for cable.
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