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quality element <QE>
Qualitätselement {n} <QE>
quality engineer [female] <QE>
Qualitätsingenieurin {f} <QI>
quality engineer <QE>
Qualitätsingenieur {m} <QI>
quality engineering <QE>
Qualitätsingenieurwesen {n}
quantitative easing <QE>
quantitative Lockerung {f}
quantitative economics <QE>
quantitative Wirtschaftswissenschaft {f}
quantum efficiency <QE>
Quantenausbeute {f}
quantum efficiency <QE>
Quanteneffizienz {f} <QE>
quiet environment <QE>ruhige Umgebung {f} <rhg. Umgebung>
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  • He wrote an undatable "sirventes" attacking "evil barons" that begins "Pois pres s'en fui qe non troba guirensa".
  • One "cobla", "Mand qe iur e non periur" was addressed "al iuge de Galur", that is, the Judge of Gallura, then Nino Visconti.
  • To change a statement into an interrogative, "qe" is placed at the beginning of the sentence.
  • One "cobla", "Mand qe iur e non periur" was addressed "al iuge de Galur", that is, Nino, and has sometimes been ascribed to Paolo Lanfranchi da Pistoia.
  • At Knossos, in a LMIIIA context (14th century BC), seven Linear B texts while calling upon "all the gods" make sure to grant primacy to an elsewhere-unattested entity called "qe-ra-si-ja" and, once, qe-ra-si-jo.
  • In Akkadian orthography, it functions as a determiner for toponyms and has the syllabic values "gi", "ge", "qi", and "qe".
  • is plural and human, the corresponding subject marker "qe" is third person singular.
  • Berberin të mos shkojë ne Lushnjë mbasi Italia, simbas mendimit të tij, qenka e vetmja fuqi që e ndihmon Shqipërinë.
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