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Rayleigh-Jeans law
Rayleigh-Jeans Gesetz {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Rayleigh-Jeans' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Rayleigh-Jeans law
Rayleigh-Jeans Gesetz {n}phys.
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  • The RayleighJeans law agrees with experimental results at large wavelengths (low frequencies) but strongly disagrees at short wavelengths (high frequencies).
  • The thesis had an unusual analysis that higher energy photons obey the Wien Law and are particle-like while lower energy photons obey the RayleighJeans law and are wave-like.
  • The term "ultraviolet catastrophe" was first used in 1911 by Paul Ehrenfest, but the concept originated with the 1900 statistical derivation of the RayleighJeans law.
  • The RayleighJeans law developed by Lord Rayleigh may be used to accurately describe the long wavelength spectrum of thermal radiation but fails to describe the short wavelength spectrum of thermal emission.
  • Jeans also helped to discover the Rayleigh–Jeans law, which relates the energy density of black-body radiation to the temperature of the emission source.
  • Also around this time, but unknown to Planck, Lord Rayleigh had derived theoretically a formula, now known as the Rayleigh–Jeans law, that could reasonably predict long wavelengths but failed dramatically at short wavelengths.
  • NOTE: this section currently gives formulas that apply in the RayleighJeans limit [...] , and does not use a quantized (Planck) treatment of radiation.
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