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NOUN   an S-bend | S-bends
to bend sb.'s ears [coll.]jdn. vollsülzen [ugs.]
to bend sb.'s ears [coll.]jdn. voll sülzen [ugs.] [alt]
to bend sb.'s ears [coll.]jdn. voll quatschen [ugs.] [alt]
to bend sb.'s ears [coll.]
jdn. zutexten [ugs.]
to bend sb.'s willjds. Willen beugen
fisherman's bendRorings­tek {m}
fisherman's bend
Fischerknoten {m}
S-Kurve {f}
S-bend [plumbing]
Geruchsverschluss {m} [Siphon, S-förmiges Rohr]
3 Wörter
to bend one's armsdie Arme anwinkeln
to bend one's broweine Miene ziehen
to bend one's browsrunzeln
to bend one's kneedas Knie beugen
to bend sb.'s ear [coll.] [idiom]jdm. ein / das Ohr abkauen [ugs.] [Redewendung]
to bend sb.'s ears [coll.] [idiom]jdn. vollquatschen [ugs.]
4 Wörter
He's round the bend.
Er hat einen Klaps.
to bend down one's headsich verbeugen
to bend one's head towards sb.den Kopf (zu jdm.) hinneigen
to bend one's steps towardseine Schritte richten zu [+Dat.] (hin)
to bend one's steps towardseine Schritte richten auf [+Akk.] (zu)
to bend one's steps toward sth.seine Schritte zu etw. lenken
to bend sb. to one's will(sich) jdn. gefügig machen
5+ Wörter
It's better to bend than to break.
Der Klügere gibt nach.
to bend one's steps towards homeseine Schritte heimwärts lenken
to bend sth. into the shape of an Setw. s-förmig biegen
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  • The river is also popular for boating, in the residential suburb of Toorak some of the larger mansions have private boat moorings, whilst newer developments in Melbourne Docklands have larger marinas as does Pier 31 at Fisherman's Bend and Newport and Williamstown at the river's mouth.
  • Walker attacked Milliken's Bend up the Mississippi on June 7.
  • This is in contrast to the rigger's bend (AKA Hunter's bend, #1425A) which is formed from two inter-linked loops of the "same" chirality.
  • The CAAD4 model introduced S-bend aluminum seat stays for improved comfort.
  • Similarly, cycle paths often have bollards or S-bend paths to prevent motor vehicle entry, and the entry is often spaced for upright bicycles, but may be too narrow or require too sharp of a turn to allow through some velomobiles.
  • He improved the S-bend plumbing trap in 1880 by inventing the U-bend.
  • 5 million to plan for two new tram lines to the Fisherman's Bend urban renewal precinct, although it stopped short of committing to the project.
  • She co-wrote and recorded duets on three tracks: with Greg ("Chiller's Bend"), Josh Cunningham ("Important Things") and Paul Kelly ("Must've Been a Hell of a Party").
  • His improved valve closet incorporated a sliding valve to keep water in the pan and an S-bend trap in the waste pipe, preventing foul smells from re-entering the house and generally giving a "cleaner" solution.
  • Many of its best-known projects are in the tiny community of Mason's Bend, on the banks of the Black Warrior River.
  • His house later became known as the Old Frenchman's Place, and the small settlement as Frenchman's Bend.
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