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fifth sacral vertebra <5th sacral vertebra, S5 vertebra, S5> [Vertebra sacralis V]
fünfter Sakralwirbel {m} <5. Sakralwirbel, S5, S 5>
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  • All such weapons are considered small firearrms and are covered in general prohibition by s5 of the Firearms Act 1968.
  • Manufacturers' guarantee. s5(1), loss arising from (a) defective goods or (b) negligence of distributor cannot be excluded where goods are "of a type ordinarily supplied for private use or consumption".
  • The dimensions of crackle are LT−5. In SI units, this is m/s5, and in CGS units, 100 gal per cubed second.
  • Some six years after the enactment of the RMA, several decisions on consent applications had been appealed to the Environment Court where s5 was given some degree of interpretation.
  • On July 17, 2006, Ryan King launched "s5project.org", "a new community site, dedicated to the S5 Presentation software".
  • She went on to note that the wording of s5(3)(a) Illegal Immigrants (Trafficking) Act 2000 did not ouster the right of appeal.
  • Relying on s5 of the Interpretation Act 2005, Clarke J concluded that the Supreme Court could interpret legislation in a manner that is different from that which would derive from its literal construction where there could be no conceivable basis on which the Oireachtas (the Irish parliament) might have chosen to legislate in the manner that the literal construction would require and where the intention of the Oireachtas was clear from the relevant legislation taken as a whole.
  • The following table are examples of typical security levels for types of algorithms as found in s5.6.1.1 of the US NIST SP-800-57 Recommendation for Key Management.
  • Under s5(5) the Ombudsman has discretion to determine whether to initiate or discontinue an investigation and any question of whether a complaint is duly made under the Act.
  • NEAT claimed that AWB was acting in accordance with a rule or policy without regard to the merits of the case, thereby invoking s5(2)(f) and s6(2)(f) of the Judicial Review Act 1977(Cth).
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