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simulated body fluid <SBF>
simulierte Körperflüssigkeit {f}
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Übersetzung für 'SBF' von Englisch nach Deutsch

simulated body fluid <SBF>
simulierte Körperflüssigkeit {f}biol.
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  • This index replaced SBF 250 ("Société des Bourses Françaises 250 Index") on March 21, 2011.
  • Simulated body fluid (SBF) is a solution having a similar ion concentration to that of human blood plasma.
  • Those wishing to reserve a space should email library@sbf.org.uk for access.
  • SBF is calibrated by use of nearby Cepheid period-luminosity relation (P-L) based on measurements of SBF magnitudes in the bulges of spiral galaxies with distances measured from Cepheid variables.
  • Stiftung Sankt Barbara Deutschland - Saint Barbara Foundation (SBF) is a humanitarian foundation registered in Germany.
  • Foo joined the SBF Council in 2014 as a member after having previously served on the SBF-led SME Committee. He was appointed as Vice-Chairman of SBF in June 2018.
  • Lim was appointed as the chairman of SBF during its 18th Annual General Meeting on 30 June 2020.
  • SBF Visa Group is an Italian company known for its amusement rides and roller coaster designing.
  • The UAE helped create the SBF in southern Yemen. Since its formation, the SBF has played a crucial role in the Saudi-led coalition before the recent escalation.
  • On 1 January 2021, Lam succeeded Ho Meng Kit to become the CEO of SBF. He previously served as the deputy CEO after joining SBF in July 2020.
  • SBF supports their beneficiaries through their own programs but they also team up with other organizations to widen their reach.
  • The SBF technique for surface modification of metallic implants is usually a time-consuming process, and obtaining uniform apatite layers on substrates takes at least 7 days, with daily refreshing of the SBF solution.
  • It consisted of a selection of rides and attractions including Wild Wheels (SBF Visa Group Convoy), Dream Copters (SBF Visa Group Jets), Adventure Trails (jumping castle) and Kenny's Cars (SBF Visa Group Mini Bumper Cars).
  • During this time, two temporary rides named Mini-Swingers (SBF Visa Group Circus Swing) and Choppers (SBF Visa Group Chopper Train) operated in Ocean Parade near The Claw and AVPX, respectively.
  • The SBF was founded on July 14, 1966. The founding act took place during the XVIII Annual Meeting of the SBPC in Blumenau (Santa Catarina - SC) and was led by José Goldemberg, at the time the secretary of the Physics Commission of the SBPC Meeting.
  • In 2006, Citgo established the Simón Bolívar Foundation (SBF) as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable private foundation to "transform lives by connecting non-profits and community leaders to better improve the quality of life through the support of health initiatives".
  • (SBF, "French Stock Exchange Company"). In 1999, the SBF absorbed what remained of MATIF and MONEP and altered its name to [...].
  • Singapore Business Federation (Abbreviation: SBF; [...]; [...]; [...]) is the apex business chamber in Singapore.
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