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SS-Oberscharführer [technical sergeant of the SS]
SS-Oberscharführer {m}
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Übersetzung für 'SS-Oberscharführer' von Englisch nach Deutsch

SS-Oberscharführer [technical sergeant of the SS]
SS-Oberscharführer {m}hist.mil.
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  • His underground work ended at the beginning of 1942 with the arrest of Tatra leaders resulting from infiltration by the Gestapo agent "SS-Oberscharführer" Heinz Wegner (a.k.a. ...
  • SS-Oberscharführer Stefan Rojko sent all ill prisoners outside in freezing cold to disinfect the cell.
  • In March 1945, "SS-Oberscharführer" Ludwig Runzheimer began in the position of task-force leader at Espeland, and introduced a draconian regime.
  • One year later, he was promoted from the rank of SS-"Oberscharführer" to SS-"Hauptsturmführer".
  • "Jagdpanzer" IV aces include "SS-Oberscharführer" (2nd Lieutenant) Rudolf Roy from the 12th SS "Panzerjäger" Battalion of 12th SS Panzer Division.
  • The commanders of the subcamp were SS-Unterscharführer Hermann Kleiss (in September–October 1944), SS-Oberscharführer Johann Mayer (October–November 1944), SS-Hauptscharführer Ernst Thulke (October 1944–January 1945) and SS-Sturmscharführer Wolförer (January 1945).
  • In 1954, SS-Oberscharführer Theodor Bongartz, the man in charge of the crematorium at Dachau, was determined to have been the murderer of Georg Elser, during a German court proceeding in which SS-Unterscharführer Edgar Stiller was on trial as an accessory to murder.
  • One of the top German Panther commanders was "SS-Oberscharführer" Ernst Barkmann of the 2nd SS-Panzer Regiment "Das Reich". By the end of the war, he had some 80 tank kills claimed.
  • Ludwig Plagge (13 January 1910 – 24 January 1948) was an SS-"Oberscharführer" and member of staff at Auschwitz, Buchenwald, Sachsenhausen, and Majdanek concentration camps.
  • One of his responsibilities (along with SS-"Oberscharführer" Josef Klehr among others) was to insert the Zyklon B into the gas chambers.
  • Karl Hermann Jeschke (born August 17, 1890, date of death unknown) was an SS-"Oberscharführer" and member of staff at Auschwitz concentration camp. He was prosecuted at the Auschwitz Trial.
  • When he discovered that "SS-Oberscharführer" Rudolf Beckmann was dead, Bauer started shooting at the two Jewish prisoners unloading his truck.
  • Franz Murer (24 January 1912 – 5 January 1994) was an Austrian SS NCO (SS-"Oberscharführer").
  • In the same year (2001) Keitel played an opposite role as SS-Oberscharführer Erich Muhsfeldt in the film "The Grey Zone".
  • Josef Klehr (17 October 1904 – 23 August 1988) was an SS-"Oberscharführer" (master sergeant), supervisor in several Nazi concentration camps and head of the SS disinfection commando at Auschwitz concentration camp.
  • In 1937 as an SS-Oberscharführer, he attended the SS-Junker school at Brunswick, where he came out in the top 12 on the course.
  • To the Jauch of Schwennigen belongs – though stationed in Hamburg – the SS Oberscharführer [...] , who was convicted and given the death sentence in 1946 because of his involvement in the killings in the subcamp Bullenhuser Damm of the Neuengamme concentration camp.
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