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subspecies <ssp., subsp.>
Unterart {f}
subspecies <ssp., subsp.>
Subspezies {f}
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supraspinatus tendon <SSP tendon>
Supraspinatussehne {f} <SSP-Sehne>
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sessile serrated polyp <SSP>
sessiler serratierter Polyp {m} <SSP>
single-source publishing <SSP>Single-Source-Publishing {n} <SSP>
slice sensitivity profile <SSP>
Schichtempfindlichkeitsprofil {n}
South Sudanese pound <SSP>
Südsudanesisches Pfund {n} <SSP>
spastic spinal paralysis <SSP>
spastische Spinalparalyse {f} <SSP>
speech signal processing <SSP>
Sprachsignalverarbeitung {f} <SSV>
Statutory Sick Pay <SSP> [Br.] [paid by employer]
gesetzliche Lohnfortzahlung {f} [im Krankheitsfall]
subclavian steal phenomenon <SSP>
Subclavian-Steal-Phänomen {n}
supplier selection process <SSP>
Lieferantenauswahlprozess {m}
4 Wörter
space-based solar power <SBSP, SSP>weltraumgestützte Solarenergie {f}
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  • Rare wildflowers include Kern Canyon clarkia ("Clarkia xantiana ssp. parviflora") and goosefoot yellow violet ("Viola pinetorum ssp. grisea"), both are also endemic to California.
  • There are two subspecies, ssp. "bicolor" and ssp. "sexpunctata".
  • Unlike the other two subspecies, ssp. "kinkiensis" sometimes bears white flowers. Blue-flowered individuals are difficult to differentiate from ssp. "thornei".
  • Beside these plants other specialists found on the toxic floor are: "Armeria maritima ssp. elongata", "Festuca aquisgranensis", "Silene vulgaris ssp. humilis" or "Minuartia verna ssp. hercynica".
  • s." ssp. "brevipes" and "P. s." ssp. "seemannii".
  • The species includes two subspecies: the type subspecies (i.e. "C. b." ssp. "berlandieri") and "C. b." ssp. "nuttalliae".
  • The three subspecies differ in the morphology of posterior angles (ssp. ...
  • crispus" ssp. "crispus" occurs on waste and cultivated ground.
  • "Conophytum stephanii" grows in Namaqualand, South Africa, mainly between the towns of Steinkopf and Port Nolloth. Two subspecies are currently recognized: "ssp. stephanii" and "ssp. helmutii".
  • There are two subspecies, the southern ssp. "apiculatum", and ssp. "leutweinii", which occurs from Namibia to Malawi and northwards, which is differentiated by its more hirsute leaves.
  • Subspecies of the plant include ssp. "parviflora" and ssp. "densiflora".
  • There are three subspecies of this plant. The ssp. "lanata" is native to Montana and Wyoming. The ssp. "lyrata", a taxon characterized by its very inflated, papery fruits, is endemic to Idaho.
  • The forewings (including fringes) are brownish grey to dark grey in ssp.
  • Two sub-species have are recorded from Great Britain and Ireland: "F. distichus" ssp. "anceps" and "F". "distichus" ssp. "edentates", each with a distinctive form.
  • The wingspan is 65–70 mm for ssp. "siehei" and 55–65 mm for ssp. "svetlana".
  • In some references the species ("Ulva intestinalis") is treated as two subspecies: ssp. "intestinalis" (L.) Link and ssp. "compressa" (L.) Link.
  • "Amanita franchetii", also known as the Franchet's amanita, "A. franchetii" occurs in Europe and North Africa with oaks ("Quercus" ssp.), chestnuts ("Castanea" ssp.), and pines ("Pinus" ssp.).
  • It has 2 synonyms that are often called subspecies of "Iris kirkwoodiae"; "Iris kirkwoodiae" ssp. "calcarea", (or "Iris calcerea",) and "Iris kirkwoodiae" ssp. "macrotepala".
  • "Agathia rubrilineata" is a species of moth of the family Geometridae first described by William Warren in 1896. It is found in Borneo, Sumatra; Siberut (ssp. "klossi"); Java (ssp. "aequisecta").
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