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Sabäer {pl}
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Sabäer {pl}ethn.hist.
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  • On rituals related to Tammuz in his time, he adds that the Sabaeans in Harran and Babylonia still lamented the loss of Tammuz every July, but that the origin of the worship had been lost.
  • These tongues collectively share many features with the Old South Arabian languages (Epigraphic South Arabian), as spoken by the ancient Sabaeans, Minaeans, and Qatabanians.
  • The city seems to have been destroyed in the 7th century BCE by the king and mukarrib of Saba Karib'il Watar, according to a Sabaean text that reports the victory in terms that attest to its significance for the Sabaeans.
  • The Banu Khazraj are a South Arabian tribe that were pressured out of South Arabia in the Karib'il Watar 7th century BC war versus Awsan and its allies (Aws - Awsan), (Qataban - Ghatafan), when the Sabaeans were eventually defeated by the Himyarites, the settled tribes became the pre-Islamic Azd tribe and were known as "Banū Qayla" (...) in pre-Islamic era.
  • The others were the Sabaeans, Ḥaḑramites and Qatabānians.
  • Third and final, the inscription mentions an Eastern conquest. The subjugation of the Sabaeans, and the "Kinaidokolpitai" in modern-day Yemen (and perhaps Saudi Arabia).
  • Inscriptions mention that the wall was rebuilt by the Sabaeans in 450 BCE.
  • One theory is that the Sabaeans established many colonies to control the trade routes and the variety of their caravan stations confused the ancient Israelites, as their ethnology was based on geographical and political grounds and not necessarily racial.
  • Morié's claim that Sabaeans came to "Aethiopia" during the reign of either pharoah Pepi I or Pepi II may have inspired the narrative of a "Sabaean" dynasty ruling Ethiopia, as claimed by the 1922 king list.
  • According to Jacqueline Pirenne, numerous Sabaeans left south Arabia and crossed over the Red Sea to Ethiopia to escape from the Assyrians, who had devastated the kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the 8th and 7th centuries BCE.
  • In ancient Somalia, city-states flourished such as Opone, Mosyllon and Malao that competed with the Sabaeans, Parthians and Axumites for the wealthy Indo–Greco–Roman trade.
  • is a pre-Islamic god worshiped by the Sabaeans and Hemyarites of Yemen.
  • Among the various religious groups which in the 9th and 10th centuries CE came to be identified with the mysterious Sabians mentioned in the Quran (sometimes also spelled 'Sabaeans' or 'Sabeans', but not to be confused with the Sabaeans of South Arabia), at least two groups appear to have engaged in some kind of star worship.
  • In ancient times, Yemen was the home of the Sabaeans, The ongoing humanitarian crisis and conflict has received widespread criticism for having a dramatic worsening effect on Yemen's humanitarian situation, that some say has reached the level of a "humanitarian disaster" and has the lowest Human Development Index out of all non-African countries.
  • Sabaeans are mentioned in the biblical books of Genesis, 1 Kings (which includes the account of Solomon and the Queen of Sheba), Isaiah, Joel, Ezekiel and Job.
  • This country of "Raamah" is usually assumed to be somewhere in the region of Yemen; Sheba was a son of Raamah, and his descendants are often held to be included among the Sabaeans.
  • ... 685 BCE) and probably in the one against Awsān, Ilsamaʿ from Kaminhau along with Yadhmurmalik from Ḥaram supported the Sabaeans; as a reward Kamninahu was allotted an irrigation canal conquered from Nashan.
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