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Sabäisch {n}
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Übersetzung für 'Sabaic' von Englisch nach Deutsch

Sabäisch {n}hist.ling.
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  • Inside one of the four city gates there is a text written in Sabaic, describes the roads in the area.
  • The Hamdan was mentioned in Sabaic inscriptions as "qayls" of Hashid, who later acquired control over a part of Bakil and finally gave their clan name to tribal confederations including Hashid and Bakil.
  • Korotayev has made a special contribution in this field by detecting principal trends in the evolution of Yemeni cultures through application of quantitative methods to the analysis of mass epigraphic sources in the Sabaic language.
  • Personal names including the stem "ʾl" are found with similar patterns in both Amorite and Sabaic.
  • Razihi uses a number of prepositions that are reminiscent of Sabaic such as /buː/ in (Sabaic *b- in), /ʔaθar/ after (Sabaic *ʔθr after), /baʕd/ after (Sabaic *bʕd after) and /ʕaleː/ on (Sabaic *ʕl on, upon) alongside other grammatical features reminiscent of Sabaic such as the usage of /joːm/ as when (suborinator).
  • Further evidence of this relation is an inscription in the pre-Islamic language of the region, Sabaic, in a reused stone arch support implies it is connected to Byzantine architecture.
  • The demonstrative pronouns of Rijāl Almaʿ are remarkable in that they are most similar to the forms found in Late Sabaic, with the pronoun [...] being unique to Rijāl Almaʿ.
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